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Just wondering what is thought about the hype on some hubs and blogs regarding the Resolve treatment that is claiming to be a cure for herpes post 90 days treatment and some people claiming they are testing negative after using it.  Legitimate or not???
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ag 707 is not a cure for herpes. It's a herpes theracine for those who are already infected. It wouldn't cure you of herpes, it would free you up from having to take medication to control the virus as often.

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Also...regarding the duke university research.....when the articles came out it said it related to HSV-1 and that they would know whether their research was applicable to HSV-2 by the end of the year (2008)....has anyone heard any updated information on this??
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Duke University is the only one I know who is getting some good insights on a cure. It's an article that came out a few months ago where a group of Doctors have found the mechanism to turn on and off when herpes comes to life and shows its ugly face. Right now they are working on a drug to turn on the virus and have something like Valtrex kill it once it is all awaken. I have been bugging Duke for information and they do write back if you annoy them enough and things are looking promising but a few years away before tested on people and till then, ANYTHING can happen but it's a step in the right direction!!
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This is the link to the Resolve product I mentioned above.  hubpages.com/hub/Herpes_Cure has a discussion where people are claiming they are undertaking the resolve process and testing negative in a HSV antibody test after waiting 90 days.  Not sure if there is any credibility in this as it is a bit of a dodgy website and nothing has come out in the media about it but with so many posters in this hub...some claiming to be negative after testing...its hard to think it is fabricated and is worth a look.
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I have a post and you can read that to see my dilema. I have been very worried to a great extent about this. The most promising thing that may be leading towards a true cure that I found was AG-707. I was looking up clinical trials and everything b/c if I did contract it, I dont want it and am not going to pursue having sex or finding my significant other. I only read the one article about it b/c I had to take a "break" from reading all of the web sites that I could.
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An interesting article regarding AG-707.


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Sorry, the link doesn't work. you will have to copy and paste into your browser.
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I haven't read this but it's highly unlikely to be true,whilst research is ongoing for a cure,I believe they are some ways off finding one.
If anyone knows differently please do share.

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This post is several years old, but I'd like to answer it.

I've tried the Resolve Minerals Herpes detox, and this is my background and experience:

Infected at age 24 by my FIANCE who deployed overseas for a year before we got married. Didn't know what it was, symptoms extremely mild, I thought it was just ingrown hairs as outbreaks were happening after shaving. Formal diagnosis via blood test 20 years later, HSV-2 positive. Started suppression treatments and began researching alternative cures.

Researched extensively, tried Resolve Herpes Mineral Detox about 1 year ago. I stopped all suppressive meds (Acyclovir) and took the detox per instructions. No break outs for one year, so I was pretty excited. Just before the detox I was breaking out about once a month, likely due to menopause/hormonal stress. Before that, it was once every 2-3 years.

At about the 6 month mark after doing the detox, I began bleeding upon intercourse. Super scary, so I went in to my OB/Gyn and they did a series of tests, saying that there was something wrong with my uterine lining.

Final result from several doctor visits, different exams and tests is that I just have to live with it, that my lining has become hyper sensitive and I'm going to just bleed everywhere whenever I have sex. Great.

Now the disclosure conversation is "Hey I'm super happy with the way things are going between us, and it feels like we're moving toward intimacy... so I want to tell you that I carry the antibodies for HSV which is genital herpes. I do work really diligently to keep it suppressed..." pause for them to let that sink in... then "my number one concern is always going to be for your safety." (I have this down to a tee and I've never been dumped or placed on hold because of my HSV).

And that used to be the end of that... but now verse 2 is "Oh and I'm going to bleed everywhere if we do decide to have sex."

Great... Awesome.. thank you.

Assuming that the detox caused this side affect, as nothing other than that changed with me.

Then at almost exactly the 1 year mark, I broke out.

I called Resolve and they said it was "normal clearing symptoms" and that my body was getting rid of the HSV.

Did a blood test. HSV antibodies are present and at the same level as they were before.

Called Resolve back and they said the antibodies would always show up as present, and they attempted to sell me more product to help expedite my clearing of the virus.

I asked if they had ever had ANYONE completely cleared, and they avoided the question for the first 3 times I asked, talking about their product, talking about how every human is different, etc. On the fourth time I asked, they said that they couldn't answer me.

Now, today it's about a year and a half since I used the product; no further genital break outs, but my skin all over is breaking out from time to time with weird acne-like blisters but it's not acne. So my face, my arms, my fingers have all broken out with this weird pervasive bleeding fluid filled blistery thing. It's always just one blister, so I'm grateful for that. It takes a long time to go away.

I should say that my normal genital breakouts were not a huge issue to start with, mild to no symptoms, and maybe once every 2 or 3 years. When I went through menopause they increased, but that was hormonal. I went back onto acyclovir during the years I was in menopause to deal with it.

And that's it.

So does Resolve Minerals Detox work? I don't know, my antibodies are still at the same level and I've had some weird clearing issues just like they said I would have. I'm not thrilled with the uterine bleeding, and didn't know up front that this was a known side effect.

I'm going to opt not to do the detox again, as I don't want to end up with uterine cancer. My lining is definitely compromised and my guess is it's because of this stuff.

I hope my story helps anyone reading here.
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