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Dry skin?

years ago i was diagnosed with herpes. Since the initial outbreak i have rarely had any symptoms. One year ago i began an intimate relationship with my current girlfriend. Upon our meeting she was already diagnosed with herpes as well. She has alot of spots on her back which we contributed to herpes. About 6 months ago we stopped using condoms. Immediatly after, i began getting spots on my back and my skin is often very dry. The skin on my penis is dry as well and now ive noticed a scalely patch about the size of a dime on the head of it. Does this sound like somthing other then herpes? i was conserned i had some type of yeast as there previously was a smell. I used yeast cream and now i dont smell anything anymore however the patch comes and goes. Thanks for your reply
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Herpes wouldn't cause lots of spots on her back and it wouldn't cause you to start getting spots on your back too. You both need to see a dermatologist to find out what is going on and to get proper treatment.

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