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Early signs of HSV2 and Abnormal Pap e6/e7

After getting back with my ex, we had sex 3 times. the last encounter was probably 10 days ago performing anal then vaginal sex back and forth.
A few days later, I smoked hookah and then I suffered from fever and swollen tonsils and tender lymph nodes under my jawline. I got tested for Strep throat and was positive for that and was prescribed Amoxicillin 500mg 3x a day for 7 days my throat hurt for a while until i finished the whole medication.
I then got my period, then started feeling very sensitive down there and a little itchy, i assumed its dermatitis due to pads and heat and sweat and such no discharge. I ignored it, but went to this new gyno that i absolutely did not benefit from at all. Yes he took swabs from inside to check for any yeast infections or so. He said everything " looks " fine. The nurse told me I have a high count of white blood cells in my urine so they sent it back to the lab to confirm.
Today, I feel an itch sometimes and there is severe redness and burning/stingy like feeling on my right labia minora. I assumed maybe because I itched. I am having a little stinging when peeing I thought its either my head or the irritation in my labia minora. I see brief white discharge inside my vagina and near my urethra.
It is now a waiting game for me. I am experiencing these symptoms down there and I am waiting to see If I will have the explosion of a herpes lesion saying hello.
Oh boy if i am not a mess.
What do you think Auntie?
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I am experiencing white clumpy to milky discharges my inner labia still stings and is very red!!! when i apply water out of brief pressure hose for cleansing, it stings that spot.
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I applied last night diluted sodium with water on a cotton and patted i woke up feeling better. However i found a little cut on the edge of the labia.

Moving on, My throat still hurts. My tonsils are swollen and i am freaking out.

I was fingered today by a partner and I started bleeding.. I assumed my vagina was internally inflamed or my period ( which it stopped before its time ) is coming back lol.. the blood was bright red then turned darker. It is now like spotting, however I got this cut, that is the same as when post sex when i was with my previous partner, So peeing and washing stings. It would not last for long..

I am very scared and worried. Either this is my subtle case of hsv or lord knows what.
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Gemi, have you gotten any results back from your testing?

You took antibiotics for strep, got your period, used pads, got a clumpy white discharge, used some kind of hose for cleansing - is this a shower attachment? I have no idea what you mean by this. My guess is you have a yeast infection.

Don't let anyone finger you or do anything when you're sore and irritated. That makes things worse. There's also something called a friable cervix which can happen when you have an infection like yeast. It just means your cervix tissues are irritated and makes it easy to bleed.

Call your doctor today. Insist on being seen today. Tell them you have something that needs to be cultured for herpes today (I don't think you have herpes, but most places will get you in if it's time-sensitive).

If your doctor thinks it's herpes, make them do a type sensitive culture or PCR swab on it. INSIST on it.

And refresh my memory on this guy? Why do you think he has herpes?

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The guy that broke up with me a few weeks back,
My symptoms seemed to resolve I am only struggling with this tiny cut ( I originally started getting it in the same place after I started having sex with my previous partner, the sex was very rough and sometimes not enough lubrication ) so i assume that spot is always easy to get torn again?
I have not received my results back from my new doctor. However, I would like to see my first gyno but his appointments are very incompatible with mine.
I am kind of feeling emotionally better, I do not think i have HSV as I was panicking previously. My current sore throat is with a cough and seems to be like an allergy.
my leg and groin kinda hurts but i assumed because i keep sleeping on that side.
My vulva is no longer inflamed.

I assumed when we broke up for a couple of weeks, he might have been sleeping around. And my mind was like , yep herpes. most common.

After applying Daktarin cream and diluting carbonate with water on a pad, the irritation did become better. and there was no longer an itch.. I assume i am on the safe side?
Does all of this sound like initial stages of HSV to you...?
ever since i dated that guy ( who is very rough in bed ), I have experienced bleeding atleast not all the time, and that tear in the same spot
Okay, so make some time to see the gyno you like. If you have to skip a class to do it, or call in sick to work, do that.

Daktarin cream is miconazole - used for yeast infections and other fungal infections. If that relieved things, that sounds like a yeast infection to me. Have you ever considered using tampons?

No, it doesn't sound like hsv2 (or hsv1) to me.

Didn't this guy break up with you? Is this the same guy who left you with no closure and left you feeling unworthy and rejected? You deserve better, sweetie.

You are in college, right? Does your school have a counseling center? Make an appt there. I spent years and years and years thinking I didn't deserve to be treated right, and thinking that I needed a man to be happy. A man is wonderful if he's good, but it's a bonus. You have to be happy with yourself first. Learn that now, and make your life a lot easier than it will be otherwise. Also, work on this STD fear, and insist on condoms. If you respect yourself enough to use them, a guy will, too. If he doesn't, he doesn't respect you.

I know things aren't easy for you because of how you grew up. I wouldn't be surprised if your sex ed consisted of, "if you have sex outside of marriage, you'll get an STD and no one will want you" or something similar.

Just hang in there, and be as kind to yourself as you are to me, ok?

Thank you for the ongoing support. I just booked a therapist and hopefully, this is the right one for me because my brain is shattering.
And if you do not think it is HSV2, it is necessary to see a gyno? :(

I am still waiting on my PaP smear results.
The urine analysis came back negative to UTI.
I am praying it is only a yeast infection...
My swelling, itching and discharges significantly went down to resolving state after doing the dilution and daktarine.
Now I am worried if the results are going to come back negative for yeast infection because i experienced symptoms the day AFTER my visit to the gyno.
If yeast infection or BV or whatever comes back negative...
what could it be?!!!!!!
I'm happy to hear you made an appt with a therapist. :) Therapy is awesome. It's not easy, but it's great.

Let's see what the results are from the pap are before you make the appt with the gyno you like. If they are inconclusive as to why you are bleeding, then definitely make the appt with the gyno.

You might still test positive for yeast even though you didn't get symptoms until the next day. You might have had enough yeast brewing in there to test positive.

And what else could it be?

Most often, it's an STD like gonorrhea or chlamydia, which you've tested negative for (right?), and BV. It can also be irritation from condoms, sex, spermicides (like different lubes on condoms), allergies, etc.

Are you using any feminine hygiene products - douching, feminine deodorants, wipes, etc? Those can cause a LOT of problems.

When do you get your results?
How are you my love? I hope everything is going great with you. you are always the one to check on me... It is only fair to make sure YOU are doing AMAZING.

I am glad I did this step too and booked a therapist. Funny enough... I went to Urgent Care CITYMD yesterday, and the doctor was like.. I have realized you have been coming here a lot and you have paranoia. Crazy of me.. i was there in the morning then on my way home.. i went there too. I think i have seen doctors at least 15 times in the past month. Even several times a day.. I must tell you Auntie, that false-positive messed me up very bad,

My results should come back by the end of the week. That consists of PaP smear, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia and yeast infection and such.

And The bleeding that took place when i was fingered, was AFTER my visit to the gyno so i never had the chance to ask what could be the reason. (yet there was a cut which to me is normal now .. i think?)

I am currently having no symptoms, I have however been prescribed another antibiotic for 10 days because my throat still hurting, so they suspected it's the strep throat not resolved since my first course was 7 days and I did not take it properly. I asked to also get a swab for oral gonorrhea and chlamydia along with the strep test, and my results should come back by tomorrow or so.

Since i am again on antibiotics, I have been eating yogurt to help. And i was thinking, the day after my visit to the gyno.. i realized i still had the warm gel inside my vagina from the check-up he was doing. i assumed that must have irritated me since it was a while? + i had my period shortly before + i was on my first course of the 7 antibiotics.

So hopefully no incurable STD..

I constantly keep touching and look SO closely when i have an itch or anything.

As gross as amma sound, but i get really sweaty down there and i realized my butt crack is red. there is a red line seems to be burning a little. I am assuming it is due to the sweat and bacteria?

To be honest with you, i do not know what to expect from my PaP smear by the way. I do not even know why i did it.. if i had HPV the wart type, I would not want to know unless it is cancerous ugh!

I feel like a broken car. ALOT to fix and look into.. I swear being a woman is so hefty.

You're sweet to ask about me. I'm doing just fine, thanks. :)

First - STOP TOUCHING and looking. You are probably irritating the hell out of your skin. If you must look, do it once a day - that's all. Limit it to a minute or less.

We all get sweaty down there. However, I wouldn't be surprised if you're getting a yeast infection with the antibiotics. I realize it's winter, but try to wear light, breathable clothing, keep the area as dry as possible, and if you notice any cracked skin, see your doc. You may need treatment for yeast. This is VERY common with antibiotics. I ask for diflucan whenever I have to take antibiotics. The yogurt may help, as long as it has live cultures in it - greek yogurt is best for this, according to my doctor (who may not know crap about this lol).

You did the pap because it's good for self-care, and you're taking care of your body. If it comes back as you having HPV, we'll deal with it.

Being a woman is often no fun at all. Hefty is an excellent word for it.

I really hope you address your feelings around sex with your therapist. I totally understand why you have the feelings, but between the way you were raised and the false positive herpes test, it's like you are expecting an STD as some kind of punishment for having sex outside of marriage. I may be wrong about that, but if I'm even close to correct, I hope you address that.

Hang in there, Gemi. You're doing so well. The false positive herpes tests mess up a LOT of people.

You are very right..I do think it is a punishment and just a mixed feeling about alot of things. Thank you for actually being so understanding of my situation as if it is your own! so beautiful.

I shall stop extra touching and generally paying attention :D

Yes we will deal with the HPV is god forbids I have anything.

Most likely my results are coming back tomorrow.. fingers crossed. I will keep you updated.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are probably the only person I can openly speak to about this and get an actual medical, psychological and more advice without any judgment or being sick and tired of my ****.

Aww you're welcome. Listen, sex can mess us up even without hearing the messages our parents drilled into us in the back of our minds. And truly, you don't want to get me started on the state of sex education in our schools and what we are not teaching our students. Or worse, the incorrect info we do teach if we teach them at all.

Remember that any illness, disease or infection is not a punishment. Biologically, this is impossible. Strep throat doesn't care if you are the sweetest kid or the nicest man who helps little old ladies cross the street. If illnesses are punishment, why do kids get cancer?

Chlamydia and herpes don't care if it's your a virgin on your wedding night, or you're on your 100th partner. They just do their biological thing and reproduce and spread, just like strep throat and the flu.

Let me know when you get your results.
I was tested negative for oral chlamydia and gonorrhea and i am sure my scratchy throat is not a sign of Herpes breakout. I was told to see an ENT doctor, considering i snore and sometimes wake up with saliva on the corner of my mouth (i sleep with my mouth open then )

I am just having cottage cheese discharge as I am ovulating. I am not so concerned because it looks familiar and I am always prone to yeast infection or slight irritation throws off my ph balance.
So if it were to be an initiated herpes breakout, i assume it would have shown by now. (yes?)

I have a little back pain and sometimes muscular pain but it could be anything? I know pre herpes breakout, that happens.  maybe not drinking enough water or my sleep is not correct or even simply it is psychological. ( I am on Spironolactone 25MG every day, now i will go up to twice per day )

I have not received my Pap smear results yet, SO ANNOYING! I am sure they will call me Monday to discuss though.

I have been very scared i might have Cervical cancer though...
I once or maybe twice bled after sex. Not more.. but i know it could be dryness or whatever..  the blood seemed to be bright red then it started looking like spotting and the color is darker and not looking fresh ( this incident is after having sex almost 2 months ago or so ) second incident is when i was being fingered as you recall i thought maybe my orgasm kind of initiated the leftover blood inside my uterus because i was a few days done with my cycle which lasted for 3-4 days instead of 7, but the blood looked bright red then.
What I am trying to say is, it does not happen often and I am hoping it is no cervical cancer.
I am often feeling armpit discomfort, I explained that to the doctor and she said it seems to be muscular. Thank god, there is no lymph nodes swelling.
I usually sleep on my sides so i assumed it is muscular?

I kind of assumed it is psychological because the second i started worrying about cervical cancer.. i surprisingly did not feel much in my armpits region.

Why are you on the Spironolactone? Could the stuff you are feeling be a side effect from that?

Have you gotten the results back yet?

Hang in there!
Taking spironolactone for acne! I am no longer feeling any muscular pains or so, however, i will call my doctor to see if this might have been a result of the medicine because i just read that if muscle pains is something i am experiencing then i should contact my doctor.

And nope, i have not gotten my results back.
I assume the bleeding i experienced twice is a result of vigorous sex / fingering as i might have had an inflamed cervix as you mentioned.

YES then definitely call your doctor. Not to sound really insulting or anything, but I'm going to assume you've tried all the things like Proactiv and such before going to something really strong like this med? I just don't want your derm to be throwing really big meds at you without you trying other things first.

When did you have the pap? If it's been more than a week, call today and find out when you should get the results.

I have tried alot of topicals and so actually, he gave me the options but i asked to make it fast and easy. 2 pills and that is it. My face has really been improving.

I had the pap last week, yes it has been more than a week today. I am scared to call actually.. i am thinking maybe no news is good news?
No news can be good news, or it could be sitting on someone's desk in a stack of papers while they're on vacation, or lost somewhere.

If it's good news, isn't it better to hear that than to wonder?
I love how you see two sides of things. That is balance. I appreciate you.

You are right, I will call soon. What do you think I should expect in those results though?
Mostly it will just tell you if you have any abnormal cells on your cervix and if your HPV test was negative or pos. Depending on the results, sometimes the abnormal cells might indicate a yeast infection or something.

At your age (or what I'm assuming is your age), I wouldn't expect cancer. Even if you have HPV, you're probably too young for it to have developed yet.
So abnormal results are common. Since the slightest infection, such a yeast infection can alter it. Then MOST of us women will experience abnormal results yes?

Now in case of HPV presence,
What is the procedure for me to take in order not to develop cancer?
Abnormal results are common, and many women experience that at least once in their lifetimes.

Yeast infections can cause inflammation on the cervix, which can translate to abnormal results.

Having HPV doesn't necessarily mean you'll get cancer. Most women who have the cancer-causing strains don't ever need any kind of treatment, and the virus will clear itself from the body within 2 years. You can have a normal pap and be positive for HPV. You can also have an abnormal pap and a negative HPV test.

If you have an abnormal pap and HPV, the treatment depends on how abnormal they are. It might be a watch and wait, where you get another pap in 3 or 6 months, you might get cryotherapy where they freeze the bad cells off, or a variety of other treatments. Before you read more, promise me and yourself that you won't panic - https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/11901-hpv-human-papilloma-virus/management-and-treatment

The most important part of that is the last line: "Only a small number of women infected with HPV will develop cellular changes that need to be treated."

I had HPV 100 years ago and had cryotherapy. 90% of us will have HPV in our lifetimes, at least once. Whatever happens, you're going to be fine.
Thank you for the clarification. I am at ease knowing we can eventually kick the virus out of our body. and I am at bigger ease about "Only a small number of women infected with HPV will develop cellular changes that need to be treated."

By the way. Did you kick HPV out of your body? Are you having recurrences ?
Oh I had it literally in the 1990s, maybe the late 1980s, probably before you were born. I didn't have any recurrences or any problems after. Just about everyone I know - or that I'm close enough to talk to about such things - has had HPV.
I got an abnormal Pap smear, they said I have e6 and e7 and is needed to do a biopsy to look further into it.
I am very scared...
It is making sense now.. I bled after sexual intercourse and fingering because i definitely have cervical cancer.
Oh hon, breathe.

All that e6/e7 means is that you have HPV, and you MAY have some abnormal cells. This is what they are doing the biopsy to find out. I had all this done - I didn't have the e6/e7, because mine was done in prehistoric dinosaur ages, and that didn't even exist, but I had the biopsy done, too.

So one step at a time. When are you getting the biopsy done? Here's a good article about what to expect, but don't read it if it's going to freak you out. It's really detailed. Did they tell you what kind of biopsy they are going to do?


Remember that abnormal cells are not always cancer. You are doing awesome things for yourself by doing this, because sometimes, these cells can turn into cancer, and getting your pap means you're taking steps to catch it before it happens, or to catch it really, really early. That's a really powerful thing.

Get a therapist, okay? There are days that this is going to feel like a LOT, and it is a lot.

Hang in there, and hugs to you.

I am worried about genital warts too. If i have HPV does it mean i will get warts?

I am shook, overwhelmed and thinking the worst.
they said i have " high risk HPV "
They said it is a " high risk HPV " i am praying this does not lead to Genital Warts, because i am sure i do not have the cancerous ones atleast....

I know I got this from my latest partner.. this son of a *****. He might have known he contracted it too.. we once had a fight and breaking up and I per usual would not leave him alone, he hits me with " what do I owe you, have i made you sick?" he was angry and i just thought that OUT OF EVERYTHING why the **** did you mention making me sick?
are you meaning it that out of owing something ??? This piece of **** is already in a relationship now??? and he tells me he is not using protection because things are serious with her???? what the hell my mind is ALLLLL over. I am now over thinking how maybe i let red flags slide when he might have been indirectly obvious he had something??
When I texted him 2 days ago because i had an std anxiety attack. i told him to call me ASAP. and i asked him whether he had seen anyone during our short breakup, he says no then calls me 4 times... i can tell he was anxious, he is like i dont know what is going on and why you are doing this, youre a terrible person for this.
And i am like what the hell is this all coming from? why is he assuming the worst?

I did think he might have known he had something and passed to me and he might have felt that i JUST found out when i texted him.
During the call i said why would you call that much are you feeling guilty? anxious?

I am so angry at the world. I am SO disgusted by being a woman.. I HATE IT i HATE MY OWN SKIN!!!!!!!!!!
This is insane... men cannot even know they freaking have it until A ******* FEMALE HAS TO GO GET CHECKED.
My gyno will perform " colposcopy "
Okay so take a breathe and listen for a minute and take it in.

There are literally 100s of strains of HPV. Some cause the warts you see on your hands, feet, elbows, etc. These are not the sexually transmitted kind.

Around 40 of them are sexually transmitted. Some of the strains cause visible warts, and are not the high risk kind. Some are "high risk", and those are the ones that can lead to cancer. It's possible to get multiple strains. You can have warts AND have the high risk kind at the same time, so I don't know if you will or won't get visible warts. The strain(s) they identified on your pap are not the kind that cause warts.

Your ex - as crappy as he is - probably doesn't know he has HPV, if he is the one that gave it to you. There is no test for men, and if he has the high risk kind, he will have no symptoms.

You also can't know for sure that he's the one that gave it to you. Any partner that you've had unprotected sex with could have given it to you - it's also possible that you can get it with condoms.

That's not to say he didn't cheat, or wasn't with someone during your break. He could be the biggest jerk in the world and still not know he had HPV. He should get vaccinated.

CALL A THERAPIST. I'm worried for you. If your school has a counseling center, go there today.

Remember these things if you take nothing else from this:

*STDs are not punishments.

*You are allowed to enjoy your sexuality.

*Experts call HPV a virtual inevitability of having sex now. About 90% of us will get it in our lifetimes, at least once.

*Sometimes things just suck, but HPV won't be the worst thing in your life, by far. This is a temporary crappy thing.

Here's some info on the colposcopy - https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/colposcopy/about/pac-20385036

I had one done. You're going to be fine. I promise. :)

Thank you for your constant support, your presence is very very valuable to me.

I canceled my coloscopy. I am not ready... just yet. Maybe another week or two, lord knows what other diseases my body is carrying. I am not excited to be on top of my health anymore... I am experiencing joint pains and knee pains and lower back pains. I realized the way I sleep is bad, and I also realized my lips were dry as I took that medicine when water was needed.
But Lord knows if this is Hep or some other crazy crap.
I am taking it day by day.

It is fascinating to learn I have E5 E6 E7, at least that is what I heard as I asked her yesterday when canceling my appt. (E5). My head was swimming.

I know HPV is definitely not one of the worst things a human can encounter but Lord give me strength.
And I am fascinated by how I am doing everything ON MY OWN. I will not have a mother's hand to hold as they dig inside my guts or someone for me to bare the news with me.  I spoke to different women in less than 24 hours, and they all have experienced HPV. I felt less alone... but It is very scary, I am only 19 and have been baring news on my own, It is heartbreaking but I never knew I was this strong.

Women are warriors, this is teaching me a lot.

I am seeing my therapist today and we will talk about everything.
Yes, I will start enjoying my sexuality now, I realized nothing is worth it and if something is going to catch you, it will whether it was on a wedding night or a one night stand, the odds can be almost the same, the best thing I can do is just be smart about it and not of trusting anyone.

My ex is happily moved on as he tells me,  he is getting serious with someone else.. and is thinking of settling down. While I here battle things on my own. That is the part where is heartbreaking for me.

I was very uneducated about HPV and now I will seek the vaccination after the upcoming procedure.

By the way,
I was very impatient and almost rude to the clinic as they kept lying to me about when the Pap is going to come and how uneducated the girl that gives me the results is, she gave me " I think " answers, now my anxiety is like,
What if the whole office hates me and will infect me as they do the procedure? What if this gyno is not good?

He is old in age and has delivered tons of babies as I saw in his clinic. I assume he would know best?

Take care Jessie, sending you my warmest hugs.

I am very scared. I have no trust in this man anymore.. Lord knows if he was sleeping with men and contracted HIV.
Hello Auntie, sorry to overwhelm you with questions.
I have been doing my research about HPV and some say that HPV both types, that of high and low risk can be cleared from the body eventually when testing negative for HPV type high and low risk?

So warts are temporary and will eventually leave your body when you start testing negative for HPV?
Oh Gemi.

First, you are not the first anxious and maybe rude person the office has encountered. They don't hate you. They can't infect you with anything - it's not possible with a colposcopy.

You are entitled to see your results if you have questions about them. Schedule a consult with your doctor, and ask to have them explained in detail, and ask ALL YOUR QUESTIONS.

Maybe you don't have your mom, but do you have a good friend who can go with you? Maybe one of the others you know with HPV? I did it alone, too, but wish I had asked a friend to go with me. It taught me that I could deal with adult things on my own, though.

Yes, all types of HPV can be cleared from the body within 2 years. The issue isn't the HPV for you now, it's the abnormal cells. Even if you clear the virus, you still have the cell changes that need to be addressed. That's what the colposcopy will do.

I KNOW it sucks that your ex has moved on and is all happy, and you're here dealing with this while he is seemingly living with no memories or remnants of your relationship. There's no reason to believe that he was sleeping with men, or that you have HIV. (A note - heterosexuals can gt HIV with no assistance from men who have sex with men.) Karma will deal with him later.

I also know that you are just freaking overwhelmed right now, but don't put off the colpo for too long. It needs to be done. Try not to focus on your ex. Just focus on you, getting this straightened out, and dealing with your emotions. That's all. Every moment of thought you give your ex is a moment more than he deserves, and means he still has some kind of power over you. Don't give him that.

I was 19 or 20 when I went through it, too. It doesn't feel like it now, but you WILL get through this. This will show you how strong you are.

Thank you so much.
Well i am at ease knowing that warts will resolve and so will the virus.

I just had sex with a partner who just got out of a monogamous relationship.
I inspected his Genitals. All is clear... but. As we were using the condom. He wasnt able to stay erect and so we had to work on it while the condom is on..
as we started having sex. The condom rolled down unfortunately and so we stopped.
I will see my doctor for a coloscopy to continue with my process asap.

But btw, none of his secretions reached me or any visible warts or so on skin was present. I assume its all good?
HPV is transmitted by direct skin to skin contact. If any of your skin touched his skin, you could get another strain if he has one, or he could get what you have.

Do you have visible warts? It sounds like the strains you have are the ones that don't give you visible warts.

So to be sure we're clear - HPV has different strains. You may hear things like HPV 16, 18, 31 - these are high risk strains (there are many others). The E5, E6, E7 are genomes of those strains. The biology of it all is over my head, but here's an article if you want to give it a go - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6032416/

It's wiki, but this isn't a bad article - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_papillomavirus_infection#Cancer It's way easier to understand, anyway.

Do you want to know all this - like knowledge is power, or are you more into ignorance is bliss?

How did it go with the therapist?
Well, i guess now I might have another form of strain now, how stupid of me.
How can i find out? Or do i want to?

how crappy  is my luck?  I cant believe how this is transmitted!!! Well again, this is something that can be resolved whether high risk or low risk. ( at least to my knowledge)
And that warts eventually leave the body when the virus has left the body. I am not at risk of other STDs after this exposure other than this silly cold looking like virus, HPV.
I am thankful for that part and i am staying positive that I will nor get the other strains.

I came to belief with my therapist that sex is not associated with religion. And so on.
But i am still emotionally destroyed because of my past relationship, I am seeing my therapist tomorrow, I ended up calling my ex in absolute tears after sleeping with this partner.

My therapist is a witty one, quiet a listener. I assume she is a convenient one..

sorry, Quick question to just get this out of the way,
My only exposure here is genital HPV correct?
( despite performing oral on one another and the condom reaching half of his penis but not to the tip. )
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Well, i guess now I might have another form of strain now, how stupid of me.
How can i find out? Or do i want to?

how ****** is my luck?  I cant believe how this is transmitted!!! Like even nothinf visible???

I came to belief with my therapist that sex is not associated with religion. And so on. But i am still emotionally destroyed because of my past relationship. Working on it
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Now , when and how can i test if i attained the wart strains?
Plus. I just want to get this straight..
Warts leave the body yes?
It doesn't matter if you got more strains, and you don't know if he has a strain. You're going to get treated for them, so you're going to be fine. Keep in mind though that you are infectious to others.

Yes, HPV is infectious even if nothing is visible. The high risk strains most often don't show any symptoms, and even with low risk strains, some people never get symptoms.

HPV - high risk and low risk strains - leave the body within 2 years.

Did you have protected oral sex the other day?

Take your ex out of your phone. Stop calling him. You aren't "emotionally destroyed" - you are hurt, which happens when a relationship ends, but nothing about you is broken or destroyed. You just need time. You are strong af, and one day, you'll realize it. :)

there was mutual oral.
Where does this take me?
We did not perform Protected oral however.
I never performed protected oral on any of my partners i was involved with.
Oh my god...
am i now catching something else in my mouth!??? I am absolutely done!
I really cannot take this anymore. Things keep adding and adding and i am drowning here.

I do not know what to now. One thing i know is i will abstain from sexual activities. I do not know what to with my life next.. i feel like everything i do is gonna mess me up.
Okay, breathe. Take a big deep breath and settle.

Oral STDs are far less common than genital ones. It's possible, but not as likely. Next time you are at the doctor's, ask them to do a throat swab for oral gonorrhea and chlamydia. Oral chlamydia is rare, and I'd be really surprised if you have that, and oral gonorrhea is more common, but still not as common as having it genitally.

You can get oral HPV, but oral cancers are uncommon. Smoking and other tobacco use and heavy alcohol use leads to more oral cancers than HPV does.

What do you do now? Focus on school. Get your colposcopy. Hang out with friends. Do your therapy. Do some yoga or something. Find healthy ways to relax, like try mediation. Block your ex and remove his number. Check your college for exercise classes or clubs or something that you like. Like to sing? Go sing. Like sci-fi? Find the sci-fi club. You're in college in NYC - the possibilities are endless. Go get some rush student tickets for Broadway. (I'm totally jealous of this, btw.) http://www.studentrush.org/products/directory.php?type=1311 or https://www.nytix.com/articles/student-rush-tickets-broadway-show-discounts - I have no idea which site is better. Go see a live taping of a show.

Here are some budget friendly ideas -


You're 19. You aren't supposed to have all the answers yet. (Spoiler - you never have all the answers.)

Just get through this, one step at a time, remember who you are, that YOU ARE IMPORTANT, and enjoy it.

Thank you my love,
I understand you asked to raise my awareness and education and not to freak me out.  

I definitely have oral hpv, because I never performed protected sex Before. But oh well now right.. my body will resolve now i know how much i have to take care of my body...

I am having a little itch down there not sure now if it is because we’re speaking of oral or maybe because his beard was unshaved and it was RUBBING on my vulva and i must admit. It was not comfortable. Or maybe it was a latex irritation because there was a burning sensation when he was rubbing his penis ( with condom on ) on my vulva. Or maybe due to the friction of his rough beard. Or maybe Herpes... oh my god let me frkn stop.

I am also on duflacan, days 1 and 4 then 7.
I am on Day 1.

And thank you for those resources! I will make sure i do the things you would want to do here and tell you all about it.
I just took a look down there and boy i have alot of cottage cheese looking discharge...
You don't necessarily have oral HPV. Different strains are more common in genitals than in mouths, so you might not.

Either way, yes, it's a good time to take care of your body. :)

Cottage cheese looking discharge is a classic symptom of a yeast infection. That should clear up with the diflucan.

Lol I appreciate that you'd keep me in mind, but do the things you want to do first. If you don't want to do any of those things, don't do them. If you wouldn't find them awesome, please don't waste your time doing them. My feelings won't be hurt.

Keep breathing. :)
I do enjoy what you shared with me. I definitely will check it out !

So, i am having an itch with extreme thick milky discharge... then i took a pic with my phone flashlight inside my labia majora.. and i am not sure if the little sweat glands are inflamed due to friction or it is a herpes patch...

My vulva is a little inflamed and it looks like it has been irritated from penetration...

I assumed these are all results of the bad ueast infection + friction?
The side that seems more irritated is what is itchy but the amount of milky discharge is quite significant.

It's probably the yeast infection. Who put you on the diflucan?

If yesterday was day 1, you should start seeing improvement soon.

You don't have herpes, love. You have a hell of a lot of irritation from yeast.

Have you rescheduled the colpo? If you haven't, schedule it a few weeks out to make sure the yeast infection has cleared.

You're going to be fine, I promise. :)
my gyno put me on Diflucan after my pap came back.

my day one was before yesterday, but yesterday, it was insane I was literally pouring... then it stopped and became a regular white looking discharges with ok amount and so is today.

I will take my pill for day 4 tomorrow. There is no itchy really only probably from hair growing or so. And I think a vagina is supposed to look like a chicken breast lol (to have those little bumps yet yesterday they seemed bit itchy and irritated )

I will schedule it after I finish with my yeast infection you are right.

I cannot thank you enough.

I literally am still dripping this white milky discharge. SO WEIRD.
I had abdomen cramp on my right side.. more of like a muscle feeling. I am supposed to get my period in 3 days. Could this also be related?
You could be having period cramps coming, for sure.

If this discharge isn't markedly better in a day or two, get checked again. Some of it may be due to getting ready to have your period, too.

LOL yes, it does have those bumps - those are oil glands. They are probably irritated from the yeast infection. Itching is VERY common with yeast, so if you have yeast and the hair is growing back, I wouldn't be surprised that you have itching.

Being a woman is an absolute blast sometimes, huh? :(
I went to urgent care and she performed a pelvic exam. You know inserted a whole stretching thing with lube and all that.. she said it looks like i have BV and has prescribed me Metronidazole 500MG 2x for 7 days.

She swabbed me for STDs ( I guess it’s just part of the vaginal swab package because i told her i am not suspecting any STDs?? ) and yeast / BV just to make sure.

She also said my cervix looks fine ( which makes me think if she can see anything related to HPV from there ) and that my irritation that i am feeling is probably due to friction.

This is insane though, another antibiotic. PLUS i am taking Duflican to treat a yeast infection that was initiated by my courses of antibiotics i have taken in the past month.  
It is like a never ending cycle, i fix here then i go imbalanced there.

The condom must have threw my PH balance off. I started “ milking “ after sex. But I should give myself a pat on the back for being a little smart this time by using condoms. ( he had condoms too and that was hot)

I have not started the antibiotic however... i was thinking maybe I see myself with Duflican since i am still on the first pill i can be patient. Tomorrow on the 27th is the second. But i might not improve at all since one is antibiotic and other is antifungal. What do you think?

BUT. I am starting my cycle soon and i know for sure my vagina will go crazy and imbalanced ( feeling sensitive/ raw / itchy. So i am confused on what precautions i should take or whether i take both of the medications together.

And surprisingly I am feeling very well... * KNOCK ON WOOD* I don’t know whether i am numb or just.. i don't know man. Whatever it is, it’s working.  Maybe because I now know what to expect.. and what I am expecting is not so horrible. It is not the end of the world.. it’s tough. But geez sometimes i think to myself like how far I have gone all alone. It’s always only me at the end and how I bare things. It does show me how strong I am and how sometimes situations are built for us as we are built for them.

I am also booking an appointment for colp after my period. Day by day I am becoming more ballsy to do so.

Now. I have one more thing I have to do. Is to get blood work for any STD’s. And THAT my friend would destroy me LOL. I have not gotten tested after my ex yet and that is something I should do.  

You are a powerful woman Auntie, I don’t know how you do it. I would love to keep learning from you though..

Omg yeast and BV together? No wonder you have discharge. :(

You can take the antifungal with the antibiotic. If you wait and take the antibiotic after, you could upset the whole thing again and get yeast.

I have no idea why you think you aren't ballsy. You're 19, doing ALL of this by yourself, and are listening to your body like many older people don't do. Give yourself some credit. It's a lot all at once, and you're handling it just fine.

When you book your colpo, give it a couple of weeks after your period, and your yeast and BV are gone, so maybe a week or two after your period.

Thank you for saying I'm powerful, but you're just as powerful. I've just had years more experience. At 19, I was a hot mess. :)
Yes love. That is what she said it is looking like and i do recall when i have such a milky discharge its BV. Thank god no smell...

Ok i will take them together then! Oh man.. this cycle.

I have an unrelated question.
I woke up today with a little  yellow under eyes along with dark under eyes.. i mean the skin. The soft palette in the roof of my mouth is also yellowish. ( my ENT doctor did not say anything neither did i. I forgot to mention it when i was checking on my  laryngopharngeal reflux that i am currently dealing with )

I am very scared this could be Hepatitis.
Hello Auntie, hope your weekend is great.

I have candida between my labia majora, no more milky discharge though.
I also have a brown-ish discharge.

Are these any signs of Stds above?
Ok i got my period. Explains the brown discharge. But surprised i have the candida.

I wonder if my immune system is extremely weak and fighting some crazy **** that idk about...
Candida is yeast - why are you surprised about that? That's why your doctor gave you the diflucan. I'm confused?

If you have a liver issue, the whites of your eyes turn yellow, or your entire skin does. My guess is that given your age and location, you've been vaccinated for Hep B. You can ask your doctor for a test that can show if you have immunity to it. If not, you can get vaccinated.

I don't know about the roof of your mouth. If you think you are jaundiced, you need to see your doctor.

How's it going with your therapist?

And I hope you did something fun this weekend!
Gemi, how are you? Just checking in to see how you are. :)
I do not know why I did not notice these comments.  My apologies AuntieJessie.
Thank you in advance for checking in on me, I frankly need it.

My therapy is going okay i believe so. I know for a fact, now i am enjoying my sexuality. But.. having little fears.

How can i really have safe sex?
It is such a risky thing to do. Like you never know when someone is having asymptomatic shedding for Herpes and you catch it. Or a condom can break then boom. Or lord knows how there are different ways to catch something.

Gemi!! :)

Listen, it's something I've struggled with, too. I have hsv2, have had hpv, endometriosis, a hysterectomy. I know there is no such thing as 100% safe sex.

FOR ME, and this is what works best for me, and you will find what works for you, is that I can't have casual sex. (I also have no idea how to separate sex from emotion, but that's something entirely different.) It's just too much for me.

I know that condoms reduce the risk significantly, and I got herpes while not using condoms, and there are about a million things I could have done differently to prevent that, but for me, at this point in my life, that's my decision.

You may find it's different for you. You're at a different stage in your life. You may find that just getting through this part is one thing, and maybe you want to be abstinent now, and something else later, or not now and in a committed relationship later - it can always change.

Enjoying your sexuality can mean so many things - it can mean having a lot of partners, it can mean exploring different things with one partner, it can mean things like polyamory - there's a wide variety of options, and you'll find what works for you.

STDs are real and your concerns are valid. Just make sure to use latex condoms every time, and your risks go down significantly. It doesn't go down to zero, but they do help.

I'm glad therapy is going well. Keep with it.  

Hey auntie!
Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry you had to go through so much. You are such a powerful woman Jessie. Bless your heart, may that strength pour into young women like me to conquer what life will throw at us.

I am now dealing with this extremely painful bump on my armpit. Urgent care doctor said it seems like a pimple cystic one probably cause it does not have any head. But it can also be early signs of infected lymph nodes. In the back of my mind i am like is it an STD? CAncer? Etc.......

Next step is my biopsy and then blood work...

But I hear you and i feel you. Women that can separate sex from emotions are amazing... not sure how they do it but good for them haha.
Can this painful bump be a sign of an STD? Or what are your thoughts?

I will apply antibiotic cream and hot compress and watch it for 4 days..
Nope, not an STD, not likely cancer.

A boil or an abscess? Likely. Watch for cellulitis. If the redness you see spreads, you get a fever, get really nauseous, or it get hot to the touch, go to the ER. It's probably some bacteria that got into your skin while shaving or something. It's a bummer, not a crisis. :)

Be really strict with yourself about doing the antibiotic cream. You don't want cellulitis. That can be really, really dangerous, and they'll have to lance it and drain all the infection out.

But no, not an STD, not cancer, not whatever else you're thinking.

Hang in there and take care of you!
Thank you for your care Jessie,
There is no redness. The pain indeed is better After applying antibiotic cream last night. Now i do not know if i am imagining fatigued Under arms or what..
Funny because I was feeling something like this like little discomfort a few weeks back. Then recently when i shaved i felt the actual pain. Thoughts?

It could be related to whatever you were feeling a few weeks ago, or maybe you just strained a muscle then.

If you don't have redness, watch for it. You don't have to check like every 30 minutes, but check a couple of times a day.

You have an infection there. You might feel some overall soreness there, your arm may feel tired - there are lymph nodes in the area that are helping fight that infection. I wouldn't think it means anything more than that right now.

When you shaved and felt the pain, you may have cut it, and that got infected, maybe.
Got it. What would redness mean by the way? And would an std be an option?
My achy left arm reminds me of when i had mono outbreak.
Your skin around the sore would get red. No, it's not an STD - not a chance.

https://www.verywellhealth.com/cellulitis-infection-after-surgery-3156858 - that has a pic of cellulitis and the redness you might see.

I'm not at all surprised your arm is achy. If it's not feeling a great deal better in a couple of days, go back and see your doc. You may need an oral antibiotic.

REST. :)
I saw the link. Doesn’t look like that! There is literally nothing you can see. Just a little bump that you can feel. Not so hard. But i will definitely keep an eye out for redness.

The doctor recommended an oral antibiotic but I suggested a topical due to avoiding yeast infections.

:( <3
By the way. When should i worry?
Worry about what?

This being an STD? Don't ever need to worry about that.

The redness? Don't worry about that unless you see it.

Don't worry at all unless something changes. You're good. You're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing. :) No need for worry. IF anything changes, and you need an oral antibiotic, ask for a prescription for diflucan at the same time. I always ask for one.

But nothing may change. It may heal easily and wonderfully. No need to worry. :)
Thank you dear.
This topical antibiotic actually worked for me. I wonder what that means but i am thankful for it.

It means it did what it was supposed to do, and your body worked the way it was supposed to. That's a good thing. :)
Hello :)
I believe the remaining pain would be muscular, hopefully. I keep touching and maybe i felt another bump ( not similar to the other one ) maybe its muscular.

And by the way an update regarding my therapy. Please check this question I have posted, because your input matters so much to me.

It may still just be a bit inflamed from the original sore, but if you keep touching it, that won't go away. ;)

I commented on your thread in Depression. I'm glad you posted there. :)
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