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Equivocal for HSV1 at 3 months (1.01)

Hi: I had a sexual encounter exactly 3 months ago (beginning of August), which was low risk (frottage/rubbing through underwear, kissing on arms/chest but no oral kissing, that was it).  Being paranoid I tested via panel at 8 weeks (IGG was negative <.9 for both HSV 1 and 2), and again at 12 weeks.  At the 12 week mark the report showed IGG negative for HSV2 but "Equivocal" at 1.01 with an H (?) for HSV1.  I am freaking out now...from what I have read this should be interpreted at this time farm as a negative (?) firmly, or should I be concerned?
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If you are infected with hsv1, it certainly did NOT come from your encounter 3 months. Without a penis going into an anus, mouth or vagina, there is no way you caught hsv1 from that encounter. You would have a much greater chance of being struck by lighting three times in one year.

If you are infected with hsv1, congratulations, you are in the majority of humans. At least 50 percent of adults by the age of 20 are infected with hsv1 and that number rises with age. Most people you date in life are going to be infected with hsv1. If you really are infected, you probably have been since early childhood and you are asymptotic, which is really quite normal.
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Thanks!  So, with prior tests being negative, and the last test having an equivocal result, which from reading here looks to be a "interpret as negative if enough time has passed" I'm assuming my likelihood of having HSV1 is low?  

My main concern is whether I need to re-test to re-validate the equivocal result.

Thanks again.
The IgG test misses up to 30% of infections. You can retest but I really see no need.  You haven't mentioned you've had any symptoms. To get the most accurate results, you would need to take the Western Blot test which is only performed at the University of Washington in Seattle, but if it shows you are indeed positive for hsv1, what will you do with this information? You will be infected with it like most of the population. And if you are not infected with hsv1, are you going to limit potential partners to only those people that are negative for hsv1; if so, you will have to cut out at least 50 percent of the potential dating pool and maybe more. For what reason? An impersonal virus?

I am negative for hsv1, as far as I know - I've never had symptoms and have negative blood tests. I've dated numerous people that are hsv1 positive and some who experience regular outbreaks. I'm not going to limit my partners to only hsv1 negative persons. If I know someone is hsv1 positive, then I use precautions when engaging in oral sex.
Makes sense and thank you for taking the time!  

Just for peace of mind, to shut down altogether the concern I have, is an equivocal result taken as "negative" at 3 months (or in my case more likely years since my situation 3 months ago was so unlikely to have resulted in any transmission)?  

I find I'm really not liking the ambiguity of "equivocal" lol.  

Thanks again.
You may not be infected at all, or you may be infected. Hence, you have equivocal results. I can tell you with almost 100 percent certainty that you were not infected during your encounter 3 months ago.
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