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HSV Natural Remedies - Effective? Pointless?

So I have yet to find out if I actually DO have HSV-2, as my last "outbreak" was only on my lower left butt, had no prodrome stage, lasted 6 days from bumps to disappearing entirely, and had no other symptoms. The doc said it was probably not herpes, since I was pre-menstrual at the time, but to come back if another flare up happens. Today, about 4 days after my first few bumps had disappeared, a bunch more showed up. Now I'm worried, and just in case have been exploring medication options. I'm adverse to prescription meds, so what's the consensus on natural remedies? L-lysine, bee propolis, prunella and other mushrooms,etc. I know they boost the immune system, which is good regardless,but how can I find out if they really help with outbreaks, preventing/shortening OBs, and preventing transmission to others? I feel like in America its hard to get a real answer; every medicine site is either a scam run by the pharmaceutical industry, or hippie extremists.
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Not too much joy from me either as I'm a believer in going natural, good living, plenty of water, vegetables and exercise.

As I understand, there is marginal evidence that arginine rich foods triggers outbreaks. There is no evidence that taking lysine to counteract arginine reduces outbreak frequency or symptoms associated with outbreaks.

Zinc is the best thing I understand to stimulate healthy skin and immune systems that support the skin. A strong one such as zinc picolinate is required.

Vitamin C, I believe this provides great assistance in fighting nearly all viruses.

Vitamin B12 many believe gives them energy and generally a healthy feeling.

Best two things known to mankind to aid health; lots of water and lots of sleep!
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