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HSV2 with sores on butt and genital grinding with another male a risk?

In theory if I had hsv2(I dont know if I do but I am worried about butt breakouts after protected sex..I am waiting the 12_16 weeks for a blood test) I had an incident of genital grinding with a man quite vigorous..he was naked I had a gstring on. I did not have sex or remove the knickers..but what is the chances I could have passed hsv2 through this? The very next day he said he was tender on his penis from the rubbing. I am worried as I have these pimple like breakout again 2 days after this incidence and am worried I could have passed it too him.i cant get an appointment to have them looked at untill next week.
Would it be a high chance the sake as if we had sex?
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It could happen, but there's no chance he would have symptoms the next day.

Reading your other posts, it does not sound like your outbreaks are herpes - and others agree.  Getting checked never hurts, but it seems you're starting to obsess over this even as signs point to you NOT having herpes.
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Yes I would agree that I have become a bit obsessed about this..but I would think the signs point to it being herpes..as it is in the same place each time..however it is more pimple like and scattered. Not blister like or fluid filled. I am realy hoping its not, it dies hapoen after i have either shaved or used hair removal cream in that area. If it turns out I do have hsv2 how much of a risk is this man in of getting it? Can anyone give figures or cases of it happening. Thank you for replying
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