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Herpes Exposure

I am a gay man and four days ago I had unprotected oral sex with another man.  I spent 20 minutes sucking his penis and he spent maybe 5 sucking mine.  We also kissed and I dry humped him.  But there was no penetration.  

Today I noticed a small red area, with a circular uclerated depression, on the left side of my penis head.  It weeped slightly but didn't hurt or tingle.  There are no blisters so far.  I did have an odd sharp sensation running up my leg on Friday but it lasted for a few seconds.  I have had no other symptoms.  

I have scared myself to death in the past.  Thinking I have contracted HIV etc, but now I feel like I have finally done it.  Can you advise

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For HIV you are looking for the ARS triad of fever, a wicked sore throat and a widespread body rash. All three will ordinarily be present to be of concern. A penile lesion is no early sign of HIV.

A herpes lesion is possible based on what you describe. You could seek a swab immediately here (PCR DNA for herpes) or follow up in 12 to 16 weeks with IgG antibodies for HSV1 and HSV2. It could also be many other things bacterial or fungal too.
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