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I am at wits end and I could really use your help.

I have been to see my family doctor and a dermatological nurse practitioner (as the good doctor was out) about some spots that are on my penis.   I got to very different reactions.

First let’s look at my symptoms:
• Itching sometimes  with a mild burning before bumps appear (this comes for a few weeks/months (1 or 2) and goes away)
• 2 bumps close together located on the underside of my penis on that thin web of skin were the head meets the shaft
• Bumps are usually flesh colored though at times may look red
• Bumps seem to grow and shrink and at times seem to disappear  

I went to my family doctor with a fear that I might have HPV but he did not seem concerned saying that it didn’t look like any STD he had ever seen. The doc gave me a anti fungal cream with a steroid to treat the issue but no tests where ever run.  The cream seemed to help a little but after a year of use never made any dramatic change.  
The dermatological nurse practitioner took one look and almost cried saying that it was “Simplex.” I asked her what that was and she said it’s a type of Herpes… my heart sank.  At my insistence she ran a blood test for type 2 and later type 1… both came back negative.  
Reentry I used Monistat 7 mixed with vinegar at the recommendation of a friend that thought my penile sounded like a penile yeast infection.  Wow… I can’t begin to describe the relief I felt after only my second day!  Around day 5 though I noticed those 2 bumps starting to form again… that was about 6 days ago and now they are larger than ever.  The vinegar irritates these bumps turning them dark at first and after that dark skin was washed away it started to make the skin liter collard (white or yellow at times) and the skin tends to become harder and from a scab like layer of skin.  The skin always seems to return to a normal cooler and the bumps seem to shrink a little over night.
Any thoughts?  
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