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Mouth ulcers-Do I have Herpes??

Here's my story:
In January i started getting mouth ulcers; which is not uncommon for me. On Feb 1 I developed a severe red scratchy throat, and I still had several mouth ulcers. I took Augmentin 500 3x/day for 10days. After the 10days I still had a sore throat that feels like an ulcer down my throat, and I also still had about 10 mouth ulcers as well as swollen gums. I went to my Internal MD and he put me on Medrol dose pack and Levaquin. This initially helped w/ the mouth ulcers but the one down my throat got much worse. I was given a Celestone inj and put on Orapred. Also taking Pepsid. Throat neg for strep and mouth ulcers neg for Herpes. This helped for about 3 days but then the pain has come back. I have also gotten a few more ulcers to my tongue and some of my gums are swollen. I have lost 9 pounds since the start of this b/c of the pain to eat. Another symptom that I am thinking is related is that I have gotten a severe area of inflamation around my anus. Does hemorrhoids cause this??
Labs for ANA,B12,CBC,BMP,LFTs were all normal. CRP was 3.5(elevated). Md was not concerned about these.
     My tongue often has inflammed and raised taste buds. The ENT had no answers for me after 4 visits other than saying probably apthus ulcers. I finally went to GI and had an endoscope. No reflux or anything seen that would cause these problems. Anyone with insight? I also still don't have any answers as to what is causing the mouth ulcers for months now. I eat a diet now of only yogurt, mashed potatoes and anything else that goes down easily. I have not had a day since JANUARY that hasn't been affected by these ulcers. I really need some insight. I have also taken a round of Acyclovir. Please help me. I go to an oral surgeon in a few days with hope that he can help. Also, any treatments that you suggest? Biopsy of the ulcers?
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This isn't herpes. Good luck, though. That diet sounds a little too carby. Yeccch.
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I agree - this isn't herpes. Herpes wouldn't stick around this long.  I wish I had better answers for you but it sounds like you are already covering all your bases with this.  I hope you get answers and relief soon.

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