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Persistant Urethral Irritation: Could This Be Herpes? If not What?

So for almost a year now, Ive been experiencing a tenderness at the tip of my urethra, (the meatus) and it irritates when rubbing against my underwear and tingles sometimes. And I think it might be leaking small amounts of urine keeping the tip constantly moist. This sensation is almost constant, waxing and waning throughout the day. I'm worried that it might be herpes. I started experiencing symptoms almost two months after having sex with anyone. I've had 5 sex partners my whole life,  I had 2 new ones (both protected with the exception of oral sex from one) and a couple unprotected brushes with an ex-girlfriend with in the 3 months before symtoms  I also started smoking marijuana heavily a couple weeks before symptoms if that is a possible factor, the sensation is hightened when high. Part of me thinks it might be me freaking out from a sex-ed lecture about STDs I went to a week before this started, but this sensation and anxiety has lasted way too long and I dont know what else it could be. So my questions are:
1) Do these symptoms sound like mild herpes?
2) Is it possible for the incubation period for herpes to be two months long?
3) Can herpes symptoms persist as mine have? I was under the impression that you usually get breaks from herpes symptoms, experiencing symptoms ever so often and being fine most of the time.
4) If this does not sound like herpes, what could it be?
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