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Possible herpes

I'm scared I might have been exposed to genital herpes. I didn't have vaginal sex with the girl, we only used hands, and she wasn't having an active outbreak, and has been on acyclovir for a few months, I just wanted to know if it is likely that I got the virus. Also after we were done, I went and washed my hands and genital area, with soap and water. Am I okay?
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Hi, touching as you describe is not a risk for contracting herpes.
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That makes me feel a lot better! We only mutually used hands and washed both hands and Genitals right after
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So I shouldn't be worried?
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Not  at all
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Thank you so much. she also said her last break out was a couple of weeks prior to us doing that. Does that change anything? And can I ask where to read on that? Just to ease my mind. I'm a hypochondriac
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No it does not.
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