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Red Patch with no sypmtoms/could be another OB

hello friends,

I have had herpes type 2 for almost 2.5 years now. It confirmed by the blood and the swab tests for couple times actually..

In this 2.5 year I had 3 outbreak because I have been using daily valtrex to protect my partner and its significatly reduce my sypmtoms and outbreaks.

After 8 months of being outbreak free, I think that I had my 4th ob which has no sypmtoms, no pain, nothing at all. I was checking myself last nite to make sure before have sex with bf (we didn't see eachother almost for 1 month)

I saw a little blur red patch between my vagina and thigh for like 1-2 inches.. I touched it and no pain, nothing look like as the usual outbreak (but I asume that since I use valtrex could be veeery mild). My bf coming today and I need to avoid sex if I have the another outbreak but how can I sure :( He will stay for 1 nite :((( and I really miss him.

my bf is very understanding about my H. he even doesn't care less but to I want to protect him. What would you suggest? Thanks in advance for everyone who response my post. truly...
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