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Tiny Bumps Near Lip

Hello everyone, my birthday recently passed and I went to sleep on my friends floor that night. I woke up the next morning and I noticed I had some pimples near my lip. I went ahead and I popped them but when I got in the car with my mother (who is a nurse by the way) she noticed it and told me that I had cold sores near my lip. She stopped and got me some cream and gave me a pill but she said it could be something else. I was thinking it could be a series of hair bumps because I do get hair bumps on my face from time to time. I'm really uncomfortable walking around campus like this. The bumps scabbed up separately and now it seems like its crusting up and getting fixed. I really feel uncomfortable because I have NO idea how I got a cold sore. I havent kissed anyone who has one or shared anything with anyone who has the virus. I see my girlfriend this friday too and I'm hoping that it heals because she might take things out of proportion :( but I also used clippers on my face that I did not properly clean and I shaved in that area so I'm hoping it could be something else.

I have pictures of pretty much every stage so I can email them to you so you can see them for yourself if you would like, just post your email and I will quickly send you the pictures.

I want to know if this could be anything else... Ive been researching and it looks like it could be something else but I want to know for sure what it is. Thank you all in advance
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1 out of every 3 people you know has hsv1. It's incredibly common and most folks don't get obvious cold sores to know it.

do these sound like herpes? no they do not.

we don't look at pictures here either. why not is explained in our read before posting post on the forum.

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