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Tongue Bite or Herpes? White Sores on Tongue

Hello, yesterday 9/18 I had noticed that the sides of my tongue were hurting when I woke up...I then looked in the mirror and saw several white bumps that looked exactly like what oral herpes would look like (judging from pics online) I believe I was biting my tongue the night before though due to heavy drugs... so I cannot figure out which it is.
The night (or morning id say) that it was stemming from was 9/17
Not only was I biting my tongue but I also made out with someone new.

Today though, 9/19 the white bumps are almost completely gone. I'm wondering...since this whole occurrence has been so short lived could it possibly even be herpes? I read online and it says typically an outbreak would last at least a week especially for the first outbreak...

Useful answers are much appreciated...Thanks a Ton!
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