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Why herpes comes back 3 days after healing?

I have been diagnosed with hsv 2 one year ago, outbreaks comes back to back few days after healing
Do u know why this happens so fast ?
Does anyone experience the same?
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Are you sure what you're experiencing are outbreaks?

If you are, I'd wonder first about a secondary infection that is keeping things active, like a fungal infection, another STD, etc. Has it been like this since you were diagnosed? How were you diagnosed?

Have you tried suppression therapy, like valtrex or acyclovir daily?

When I first got herpes, I had outbreaks like this, but I also had bacterial vaginosis that I wasn't aware of. Once I got that taken care of, things really calmed down for me. I think you're male, though, so get checked for other STDs, fungal infections, and try suppression.
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Thanks for the reply
I have been diagnosed by 2 dermatologist when I got the first outbreak.
And I am sure this is herpes because it responds to valtrex.
Please let me know what are other stds mistaken for herpes.
Oh I'm not saying you don't have herpes, or that you have something that is being mistaken for herpes. I'm wondering if you also have something like gonorrhea or chlamydia that is keeping the herpes really active.

When you got diagnosed, were you tested with a culture, or did they look at your symptoms and tell you it was herpes? If they just looked, you need to have it cultured to make sure. Fungal infections are often mistaken for herpes. What you may think is herpes could be a fungal infection - you could have both happening.

Do you take valtrex every day? You might want to try that.

Thanks for your quick reply.
I was diagnosed by looking at lesion, they said no need for a confirmatiom test.
I would exclude gonorrhea or chlamydia since  I have never experienced a ruptured or slipped condom, also I am a male.
Unfortunately I did not try everyday pill of valtrex since it is expensive in my place around 107 USD per 42 tablet and I do not have insurance coverage.
I will try my best to see a physician next month to do full STD screening and I will ask for his openion about supressive therapy and I am willing to pay, despite price, to see the results.
Hope everything will become fine.
Thanks again
Okay, so a few things here.

First, the next time you get an outbreak, get it cultured. You need this confirmed, especially before paying a lot of money for valtrex. A visual diagnosis is not always correct. Ask for a type specific herpes culture, preferably a PCR swab, but not every place does the PCR swab, so a regular culture might have to be it. Also ask them to test it for fungal infections, bacteria, etc. Try to get this done within 24-48 hours of the outbreak starting.

If it is herpes, ask if acyclovir is available in your country. It's very similar to Valtrex, but you have to take it twice a day instead of once. It's just usually a lot cheaper.

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