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how long does it take for IgM to convert to IgG?

Here is the scenario...

I got a full STD panel in May 2009 with results stating I was positive for HSV 1+2 IgM, but not for HSV-1 type specific or HSV-2 type specific. With this devestating news, I waited 3 more months and got tested again. I tested the same, positive for IgM, not for IgG.  So I was starting to doubt the tests... I had no symptoms and did some research about this IgM test. I had shingles (known as HSV 3) as a child and this virus has been known to cause false positive for HSV IgM tests. However, January 2010, I had came in contact with a HSV-1 positive person, unknowingly. Got tested, but came out the same positive IgM, negative, HSV 1+2 type specific. I did not get tested again til January 2011. I had an outbreak of some sort on my genitalia in early January 2011, had it cultured for HSV 1+2 type specific. The culture came back as HSV-2. However, I am certain there were no possible partners of who I would have contracted it from. I assumed it was a false positive as my HSV-3 shingles virus. Still paranoid, I got retested 3 months later in April 2011... Now my lab tests have changed. I am now positive for HSV 1+2 IgM and HSV-1 type specific... So was the culture wrong?? Is my blood test wrong?? Have I miracuously contracted HSV-2 on top of HSV-1 from January 2010?? I can't see how this adds up. How long does it normally take to convert IgM to IgG... Should it take a 1 year to build those antibodies?? I did take antivirals the first site of an outbreak...Got tested. But stopped taking the anti-virals for a few weeks, got tested, and now have IgG... I am going to get retested in 3 monts for the confirmation of HSV-2 type specific in the blood, or otherwise it was a possoble HSV-3 shingles outbreak, right? Or should I plan a "normal" 1 year conversion to receive a positive HSV-2 IgG test?

Someone please help me clarify things!

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you tried to post on someone else's post in the std experts forum so it was moved over to here. if you want the experts opinion, you need to pay to start your own post.

shingles is not hsv3. hsv is herpes simplex virus. shingles is hzv - herpes zoster virus. they are totally different conditions.

the igm test should never be drawn on you. As you know from your own personal experience already, it has a high false positive rate. Current CDC recommendations on herpes testing in adults backs the igm being a waste of time and money. do not let providers continue to order the igm testing for you.

check to make sure that your lesion culture was definitely typed as hsv2 and not just hsv+ and assumed hsv2 since it was genital.  Unfortunately some providers make this mistake and mislead their patients.

no, it's not likely that you actually had a shingles recurrence in the genital area and the lesion culture came back as hsv2 instead of shingles.

do you have a regular partner currently?

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