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sores inside of mouth

I have sores inside of my mouth, one on the gums right below my teeth on the bottom, it is kind've like a white circle and is painful. I thought maybe it was a canker sore but I'm not sure because I also have HSV1 and have gotten cold sores since I was little, but usually they  are on my lips or outside of my mouth.  Anyways, I gave oral sex to my boyfriend yesterday and then we had sex afterwards.  Later on, I noticed that underneath my tongue right next to my gumline I have a bump on one side.  It felt kind've like a cut at first but I was playing with it with my tongue and it feels like it got a lot bigger and it hurts.  It is the same color as my gums but I was wondering if this could be herpes inside my mouth on my gums and underneath my tongue on my gums and if I could have infected myself with herpes by giving my boyfriend oral sex and then having intercourse with him.  I know that it is possible to transfer HSV1 through oral sex but I was wondering if you think these sores in my mouth are HSV1 or if they are probably just canker sores or something else?
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you paid to ask this on the experts forum, just wait for your answer there :)

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