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symptoms timeline ? oral herpes

LAst Wed night i had a heavy kissing session with a woman. on Thursday my lips were chapped a bit and on Friday (<48 hours from kissing)  i noticed a couple 2/ red areas on lip with white center ( looked like samll pimples w/o a big head) I tried to pop them on Friday night but nothing came out. I also put some peroxide on them and rinsed them then put  some antibiotic. The two dots stayed  red a couple days then dissapeared  pretty much on Saturday night. I also felt a little sore throat and chills and felt little sick on Saturday and Sunday. Its Monday now ( 5th day) and I have a little diarrhea. The sores are virtually 100% gone invisible to eye unless you really really look.

Heres the thing I called the girl up and she said she has nothing wrong with her, and she looked fine when I saw her with no obveious signs of any sores. She does admit having canker sore many many years ago but nothing recent. So I pretty much know she has herpes virus now but she really looked perfectly fine when we were kissing.

Not sure what to do, ? I am worried.
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canker sores aren't herpes related. two completely different skin issues.

if you couldn't pop these, not likely that they were due to herpes.

have you ever been tested for herpes to know your own status?

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