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I never suffered from HBP, its always been normal and while I was standing at work, my heart was beating so fast that I was feeling weird. I never had my heart beats that way. I have had a stress test done 3 years ago, I was 45. I had my blood pressure checked at work and it was 133/100, I have never seen those numbers whenever my blood pressure was taken.
I will be making an appointment with a Cardiologist but I am hoping someone or a medical doctor can tell me what they think it can be. I know its not a diagnosed but I am curious and perhaps can ease my mind. Until I see a doctor.

Thank you in advance
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So, yes, your blood pressure was high with that reading you site that took place at work. It's not super high and more along the lines of borderline high, but you are concerned so seeing a doctor to make sure all is well makes sense.  Are you over weight?  smoke?  do you exercise? how is your diet?  
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