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Hi, i am 19 years old and my pressure is 144

I was suffering from a chest pain ,my heart beat seem loudly , i went to the doctor ,my ECG was normal ,heart beat 76 , free T4 is 11.33 (normal range 11.5-22.7) , TSH is 0.96 (normal range 0.55-4.78), my esr was 52.
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Sounds like your test results were pretty normal, but your blood pressure- you mentioned it was 144- what was the lower number?  It should be something like 144/80, etc.  144 is a sign of high blood pressure.  

Do you have any follow up appointments?  Have you been given any guidance on the origins of the chest pains?  
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Every now and then we can have what is called *white coat syndrome* in which our bp will spike during a doctor's check up or blood pressure reading. They normally have you do follow up checks.  They ask you to put both feet flat on the floor, take calming breaths, and visualize something soothing like a beach.  BP often comes down with that.  Were you in the doctor's office when you got the high BP.  144 is very high regardless of the lower number and the higher the lower number, the worse that reading is.  But it could be a fluke especially given your age.  So, I'd tell you to most assuredly follow up with your doctor to investigate this.  Again, at 19, high blood pressure would be rare but it does happen.  Let us know what your doctor says.
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