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Why do I have elevated liver enzymes and high blood pressure?

Looking for some guidance here. I recently was told I was in hypertensive crisis and found out my liver enzymes were elevated. I had an ultrasound of my liver which was clear and my blood labs are good. I'm on a small bp prescription and it's slowly coming down but they want to add 3 more as I experience spikes in my bp when I go to the doctor. They don't know why my liver function is elevated or why I have high bp when I haven't had this issue before. I don't know what you do. I just came off birth control which I've been on for years with no period. I wonder if going off it could fix it. Any ideas?
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What do you think the cause of your high liver enzymes are?  Common reasons include heaving alcohol intake, usage of OTC meds or prescription meds or the issues with your heart and bp.  We can be genetically predisposed to blood pressure issues.  That's the only reason I have issues with mine.  Have you incorporated the life style changes that help with these issues.  My husband watches his liver enzymes and had to give up eating pata and moved to whole wheat pasta or brown rice, no red meat, etc.  I have to exercise regularly, control my weight and eat lean and reduce sodium for my BP. See if the BC was involved but otherwise, this is likely genetic.
Thanks for the response. The cause of my elevated liver enzymes was never diagnosed. It does appear that my high bp is genetic. Have you been able to stay off medication for blood pressure? I'm pretty active and eat pretty decently, but I'm on this prescription. I want to be off it so bad.
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I have a similar issue. My doctor says both (for me) are probably due to genetics. I am currently taking meds for both.
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