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5wk Pup in the Forest (California)

Hello all,

I'm looking for a holistic/integrative approach for my 5wk old husky/german shepherd puppy. His mother basically abandoned the litter and wouldn't nurse, finally getting rather aggressive with the pups; so he joined us a bit earlier than expected. He's stayed in the house this entire past week, but we're hoping to be able to start house training him. I'm reading mixed articles stating to keep the puppy inside until his shots, other saying your own back yard is fine, others stating as long as the area is free from other dogs. My issue... we live in the woods with plenty of raccoons, possums, squirrels, bats, foxes etc. Although I would be watching him the entire time, and he'd solely be on our deck and not freely roaming, my concern is that these forest critters may be passing by during the night and could contaminate the area? Am I being too protective, or rightly concerned? Any insight/opinions would be appreciated.

I am aware that food choice greatly affects overall health and immune function. Although I'd ideally love to make our own food for him, maybe even go raw, we have not started this yet. He was primarily formula/bottled fed by the previous owners so his very limited (if any) on mothers antibodies, and they started providing soaked kibble a few days before we picked him up. He's now getting a natural kibble gruel we make using puppy formula, with access to water at all times. Both the kibble and formula have probiotics, but obviously I'm not going to bank on these providing any reliable protection. Any advice on food choice, herbs to help support is little immune system would also be great! Also, any advice on helping little ones prepare for and then detox after shots, or ideal vaccination schedules to reduce adverse reactions would be appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!
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