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Genital Warts and Molluscum

Hi I'm a Male to female transsexual and I was recently diagnosed with GW in the anal area.

I have been going to a local low-cost clinic and was treated for one initial huge one and have been intermittently self-treating with Aldara and going back to the clinic for review.

On my last visit I noticed a few odd papules in my pubic hair and really small, pinhead size "whiteheads" on the shaft of my penis and on my scrotum.

I immediately went back to the clinic thinking the warts were spreading from the anal area. The MD there said this was in fact Molluscum contagiosum and treated the larger two and suggested aldara may work on the smaller ones. The treatment was with freezing spray along with a funnel object to really get the growths precisely.

Today I went back to the clinic and this time had a different person treat me. I found it odd that she thought the small pinhead papules were just the normal "chicken-skin" appearance found in the genital region plus "irration" since using the Aldara and a "naturalpathic" treatment called Zymaderm. I definitely disagreed saying that they appeared recently and I wanted them treated with the freezing spray since it worked so well the last time.

Well this time, instead of using the funnel she simply pressed the quite large tip and started spraying the whole area versus carefully treating each one. I was finished off with some TCA and now all I can say is my whole genital area looks a lot WORSE than it ever did prior to treatment. Some of my normal skin looks very red while some of the area with the mini papules are totally untreated. Frankly I think I could have done a better job myself with an at-home wart remover kit. I'm concerned about scarring and potentially spreading this.

My questions are:

1. What should I do now? Should I just treat them myself using Aldara or an OTC freezing kit?

2. How can I find a competent MD who is able to remove all the small ones one by one? Is this even possible?

Any thoughtful answers are appreciated.

Thank you.
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If somebody wants a second opinion, I would recommend seeing a dermatologist. Best to see somebody who specializes in skin.

Do not self treat with OTC freezing kits. I have used one successfully for a wart on my finger, but found it more painful than the liquid nitrogen used to treat genital warts. It is appropriate for the tough skin on your hands, but may cause serious pain/damage on sensitive genital skin.
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