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Is my Doctor mis informed????

I was diagnosed with HPV Anal warts 6 weeks ago  internal and externaland refered to a Colon rectal Surgeon. After the Surgery I got home and looked, He missed 4 obvious warts !!!! on top of those 4 , 5 new ones grew as the healing progressed. I'm at week 8 since noticing the warts , early in I think. At my three week follow up He said I have an aggressive infection and  re curring wartsand need to to do Surgery again and wants me to see a specialist for a high resolution Anoscopy !! He is acting like I'm going to get Anal cancer next week. even with insurance I can't afford it !! I asked for a prescription for Aldara and he said no !! From this site I assumed the following

1, The strains of HPV that cause Warts rarely lead to Cancer.

2, He told me I have this forever and I'm at very high risk for anal cancer.

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Did any of your warts get tested for the strain(s)? If not, then his diagnosis makes no sense to me. Go to a proctologist and get those warts removed and tested. You may only have the low risk strain with no cancer possible or you may have the low risk AND the high risk strains.  Without these results, the anal cancer scare is puzzling. Some proctologists don't care about which strain you may have, so make sure you ask the doctor for this specific result.
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