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What are the likelihood of future HPV?

I contracted HPV from my husband several years ago.  I was diagnosed with severe dysplasia in 2002 and underwent a LEEP procedure. I have had normal PAPs for the last 6 years until this month. I was recently diagnosed with CIS and a laser cone biopsy was performed to remove the abnormal cells.
I realize HPV is a virus that I have contracted and will remain in my body for life however, should I be fearful that my husband will keep reinfecting me with HPV? We want to have children and I worry that the abnormal cells with return.
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He will not keep reinfecting you.  You have it.  He has it.  There is no value in changing your sexual practices so long as the two of you remain exclusive sexually.  You can have children.  Your doctor will tell you if you will need any help keeping your cervic closed (I've got a friend with 3 children born from a dysplasic cervic that had to be "sewn" shut during gestation -- I think it is actually wrapped shut but they use that term).  Healthy babies and healthy mom.  Get a doctor you trust.  You'll be fine!
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