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laser serger aftercare

ok i had laser surgery two days ago now the warts are shrivling up and they are like very soft and when i try to wash n dry them the wart starts to peel very easly i think i can peel the warts but i herd thats not good to do so i was wondering, since they are practicly sliding off when i tuch them can i go ahead and peel the layers off. and one more question what do i use for the pain stingin sensation because he applied acid to the warts right after the surgery i dont know if the pain is from the acid or the laser but it burns and i can barely walk,. im a male by the way.
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Pain and discomfort is normal after any type of removal surgery, considering they first burned your skin with a laser, THEN used a highly acidic compound on your skin directly after.

You shouldn't pick the skin, but let it heal.

If you don't mind me asking, you had carbon dioxide laser treatment? I'm considering asking my doctor about this type of treatment for possible urethral warts, but have heard its the most expensive treatment... did you pay out of pocket for the surgery, or was it covered by insurance?
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