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side effects to Aldara

Has anyone had any bad reactions to using Aldara cream for warts?  I'm into my second week to using the cream, and I the pain is getting so bad.  It's burns, stings, itches, it's red and swollen, hurts when I go to the bathroom, etc.  It feels best when I lay flat and place an ice pak over my shorts.  Dr said it's normal, and that's it's working, which I agree....it just HURTS.

Also, I am wondering if anyone has tried any natural remedies or changed their diet to boost immune system....I'm considering going on a natural/organic food diet to boost my health.
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hi! um natural remedy is to go to a natural remedy store and get a 'defender pill' or an immune booster, my boyfriends mother sent me some from kenya i have something called defender and it worked immediately it has garlic and grape seed extrat the cream was ichy and i was swollen too but keep using it after too days of taking defender majority of my warts are gone i have 3 that i can see now and i had a bunch of lil ones before.  And ya you need to change you diet it really helps too just eat healthy cut out sweets if you can but no need to go crazy, you can still enjoy food.
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