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skin tags or wartz

ok i had sex with a girl last summer an she said she had skin tags down in her vaginal reagion, alot of them , an now one started showing up under head of my penis, 6 months later , an i cut it off or squeezed off it  grew back phew weeks later , then couple showed up on the bas of my penus an around my groin reagon both grew back sometimes would tak a week sometimes month but im currently in iraq an its april still have them i was wondering if they were tags or waurtz cuz ive had sex with my new wife an she hasnt contracted them so i didnt know ?
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Hpv is super common sounds like genital warts but honestly don't worry about it. Just have your wife get her annual pap and check for any tags or warts. Genital warts are low risk meanig do not cause cancer so u or ur wife have no health risk just purely aesthetic. Once you get back from the states get them removed or start a treatment by visiting your dermatologist. 90 percent clear this virus within 2 years. No worries man just handle it when u get home or if possible in Iraq if a derm is even available. They may be able to get u aldara. Believe me u ain't the only one. It is very common. Check out ashastd.org for more info. Good luck man!
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