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Blood pressure: the gap between the upper and lower number?

My blood pressure was first medicated with losartan, after early morning headcahes were waking me. Years later that symptom returned, and bystolic was added. Things were great for years again.

My new symptoms include a widening gap between the upper number and lower number-the lower number has dropped into the 60's and my upper number has risen to 150's to 180's, yet I weigh less now than when I started bystolic.

Is there a reason why the new symptoms are not the old symptoms, and since my meds were not changed as a result, is there any concern/clarification about the width of the gap itself?

Bystolic is amazing but uber expensive. (I have always done very poorly on diuretics which is how I ended up with Bystolic.)
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Hi.  Gosh, your doctor isn't concerned about bp that is 150 to 180 over 60?  Even with the lower number, I would be quite concerned that with medication, your top number has risen to that point.  

So, what you are describing is something called Pulse Pressure.  This is the difference between top and bottom numbers of your blood pressure.  The normal range for most people is a pulse pressure (subtract diastolic -- bottom number  from systolic --  top number) is 40 to 60.  When it is outside that it is called a wide pulse pressure.  There are reasons that this can happen and it is used to determine status of your health.  Your doctors should be addressing this and starting to do some testing on you.  Here is an article about it:https://www.healthline.com/health/wide-pulse-pressure#causes  Types of issues that cause it are valve regurgitation (blood is flowing backwards from your valves so heart works harder),  aortic stiffening (if aorta is damaged due to say high blood pressure you've had or fatty deposits), severe anemia/iron deficiency, or hyperthyroidism. And having a wide pulse pressure can also increase your chance of having atrial  fibrillation.  

So, with all that being said, I hope your doctor is looking into the cause.

That is excellent regarding your weight!  Keep up that good work.  How is your activity/exercise level?  
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I'm wondering if you ever checked into your doctor to discuss this?  I'd really be interested in what they have to say!
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Trying again.  I really hope you come back and let us know if you talked to your doctor about this.  As a long time patient, it is good to hear what someone has done as follow up. :>)
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