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Conflicting reading or advice - is this ok, or too high?


I had a checkup today with a new doctor - I've not had a general checkup in about a decade.

I'm 37 male, 6'2, 74kg. Non-smoker, drink once or twice per week, eat an ok but definitely not perfect diet. I exercise regularly - running about 100km per month, cycling close to that, and do some weight training from time to time. I do stress myself out a bit too much about daily life lol.

I was surprised to learn from the nurse who did my BP reading that I was 135/60. She told me I was a bit high but right on the border of normal.

Later when seeing the doctor, he looked at it and told me not to worry - that it was fine and seemed normal to him (he's not inexperienced, he's been practicing for 30 years and has a good rep).
So the discrepancy was curious.

Frankly I was a bit surprised at the reading. I feel pretty healthy... and figured with the exercise, I was doing ok. I also didn't know anything about BP readings before this, and anything I know is what I've read since this afternoon.

I've gone online tonight and have ordered a home BP monitor so I can check it regularly to see if this was a one-off or if there's something actually concerning here.

I'm curious about your opinions... is the doc right? Or should I be more concerned...

thanks, I very much appreciate any insight!
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I worked in a GP's office for several years and your concerns are very familiar to me :). You may not know this, but many people suffer from what is known as "white coat syndrome" - this is when your BP is higher at the doctor's office than anywhere else, it's completely normal. It's believed to be caused by the subconscious stress of being in the doc's office.
Your BP is a little higher than normal BP, but I don't think you need to worry about it and since you also do sports, you are doing secondary prevention. So, as far as hypertension is concerned, I don't think you need to worry (unless you have some tendency - family predisposition).
Buying a home BP monitor was a very smart thing you did, it doesn't hurt to check it occasionally.
If you don't have any other syndromes that precede high blood pressure (you can see them here, for example, so I don't have to go into detail: https://medicspark.com/diseases/high-blood-tlak/ ) then I wouldn't stress.
I also think your doc is right and I would only advise you to continue to enjoy life, laugh a lot and check your BP every now and then just to be sure.
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Thank you nikole
The only concern I have is why at a measurement my blood pressure at 9:33 is 131/110 ( heartbeats 87) and at 9:34 is 128/89.
This Sipke happens occasional.. if I didn’t check my blood pressure this frequent I wouldn’t even think about blood pressure..

Elevating the blood pressure to 131/111 from low normal ( in my case mainly the DIA) and then coming back to very normal or almost normal in one minute time ?
What’s happening ? Is it because it happens to everyone but because I’m checking it frequently ?  Is it the meter? But I checked 2 more meters!

If it was kidney disease then it would elevate for some time I guess .. if it was adrenal hormoon then it would last longer I guess !!! But this peak is just for maybe less than a minute and then drops back to normal !!

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