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I am on 10mg lisinopril and 12.5 of a Diuretic.  My fingers have been swelling up so bad the last 3 months to the point I had to have my rings cut off.  My doctor doesn't seem concerned, just gave me another Diuretic 12.5 to take it when I swell up again.  Will that lower my BP a lot or make me feel weird?  I never heard of anyone taking that much unless they have CHF.
I am a little concered why my fingers are so puffy all the time.
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Blood pressure medicines that prevent vasoconstriction (contraction of the arteries) often have this side effect. If you don't have shortness of breath with exercise or a known heart disease, it's very unlikely that you have CHF, but you can ask your doctor to rule it out if that would reassure you.

It's a bit uncommon for a 32 years old female to need two powerful blood pressure medicines. Is there a cause for your hypertension? How high is your blood pressure? Is the diagnose verified with 24 hour monitoring?

Most blood pressure medicines (except beta blockers and diuretics) may have this side effect, so you'll just have to ask your doctor for help..
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I am 47.  I was on 3 meds in the past.  40mg benicar, 12.5 diuretic and something else.  I couldn't breath, my pulse was always over 100 and I would be out of breath brushing my hair.   Now I am on a much lower dose and it's working pretty good.
A much lower dose of what? The diuretic?
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