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When is BP lowering 'good enough'

If you get a good reduction and hit the 130 range for your regular blood pressure after being much higher previously, is this considered a success? Or should you increase medication and work to lower it even further?
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My last two readings from March and July of this year were 126/70 and 136/90 respectively, the first being in my PCP’s office and the second being in my cardiologist’s office. The higher of the two was after having a 5-shot espresso about an hour or two prior. Neither was overly concerning to my doctors, but obviously I like the lower one better. I have been taking Lisinopril for decades and switched to Losartan in July. Personally I would take a controlled reading of around 130/80 for me as acceptable.
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That's helpful. I am also taking Losartan. I had a big drop (my bp was in a dangerous zone for a while) and it is higher in the doctors office but am wondering if at my physical coming up, they'll increase the losartan. I"m on the lower dose but still am in the 130's range. I have congenital hypertension. I am at a better weight right now but am in a stressful time of life which doesn't help. Just trying to keep my heart from exploding.
I’m on the 100 mg dosage and haven’t had my BP checked yet in a doctors office since starting it in July. It will be checked in the near future however, so I will report back with the result.
134/70 on 10/10/2023 at my PCP’s office.
Looks pretty good. My doctor says it is almost always a little higher in the office.
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