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High blood pressure caused....

Me to develope moderate LVH(left ventricular hypertrophy) at an early age. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, I am now 25 years old. I've played sports through high school, I still workout and play pick up basketball. I've been on meds since diagnosed with the exception of finding the right meds. Everywhere I look it treats Lvh as a death sentence...one site said 70% of patients font live 5 years after being diagnosed....I'm 6'2 240 but I have a decently muscular body style. My bp runs about 142/70 on average, I do get skipped beats sometimes that take my breath(scary) but I try to shake them off now since there not very frequent. My doctor never says a whole lot, he just said I'm not at any risk for sudden death in the near future. How dangerous is LVH? What is the success rate? Am I looking to possibly getting heart failure in 10 yrs?...it worrys me because I'm trying to have a family some day soon and see them grow up. If anyone can please shed some light on LVH in this post so I can have more knowledge about success with the disease or of its pretty much death sentence
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