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Why am I constantly lightheaded/dizzy?

I have been having this dizzy lightheaded feeling for months now. I feel like I am moments from fainting but I haven't fainted yet. I have had multiple tests done, multiple EKGs, an Echo, multiple CT scans for my chest and head, a MRI for my head and neck, and multiple blood tests. After all those test they said that everything came back fine. The only thing that is kind of unusual is that my resting heart rate is in the 50s. I don't know what to do, and everytime I go to sleep I am afraid that I will never wake up. Also my legs are constantly trembling. This is affecting my life and I have been away from work because of how I feel. I have to sleep with and ice pack pressed against my head to feel even a little comfortable when I go to sleep.
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Hello, sorry you are having this issue.  When you get dizzy and faint, is it directly after you stand up?  

Orthostatic hypotension is something my son suffers from.  https://www.aafp.org/afp/2011/0901/p527.html  

So, when you stand, your bp drops a bit and that causes this dizzy and faint sensation. My son has actually fallen which is one of the true dangers of it, injury from a fall. His is related to blood sugar and hydration.

Why do you sleep with an ice pack on your head?

Normal resting heart rate can very well begin at 50 for some people. If you are at all athletic, it can be even lower and be normal. Now,  I guess from time to time, resting heart rates lower than 60 will be given the title of bradycardia for other people. Has your doctor used this term with you? IF your doctor feels your heart rate is too slow and you have bradycardia, then your doctor should be working with you.  

Are you on any medications?  A lot of time, borderline bradycardia is not treated but if heart rate becomes lower and lower, they can use a pacemaker to safeguard you.


I don't tell you that to scare you but rather to point out that you are not in that category where that is necessary at this point.  And again, I don't know your age and activity level or at what time of day your heart rate has been monitored (during sleep, it's not uncommon to dip below 60) so that information would be helpful.

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Thank you for responding, so I am dizzy all the time whether I am standing up or lying down. I also must mention that I recently lost about 100lbs just by changing my lifestyle and eating habits. I used to do a lot of cardio boxing about every day for about 30 mins, now I don't have enough energy to do most of those things. My doctor has mentioned bradycardia but all she really does is send me to get tests and that is about it. I am not taking any medications to help me and I everytime I go to the ER all the do is send me home. This feeling is stopping me from working, also I sleep with an ice pack on my head because it helps the dizziness when I sleep.

I often and frequently have a fear that something very serious is happening to me and I have one of those illnesses that doctors can't explain or find any answers to. I haven't had a restful night sleep without some type of medicine because I am afraid that one of these days I am going to pass out or have a stroke or something, and with this stressing me out for months I know that is not good for my health as well.
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