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Blastocystis hominis ??? help please

I don't know whether the symptoms are due to unhygienic food or change in diet or its  Blastocystic hominis infection .
here are the symptoms
- I never had  gas problem in stomach. I was feeling burning sensation and sometime pain in different parts ( stomach ,intestine etc) below chest for last 6 days. And day before yesterday i had a severe pain due to gas.
- watery stool
- Mild pain near the center of tummy when i eat food then walk .
- Feel very tired and sleepy 2 hours after eating dinner.
- I had taken medicine prescribed by doctor and those medicine were effective but the symptoms such as watery stool and pain in tummy after eating reappear today.
Are these symptoms due to indigestion or its  blastocystic hominis infection ?  One more thing i want to add i work late nights on computer & sleep only for 5-6 hours, is this might affect digestion

And please let me know how dangerous the Blastocystis Infection is ?.

a student
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Pain due to blastocystic hominis infection. Stool sample to lab will confirm.

Tends to be a highly resistant parasite. Repeated treatment with correct medication required.
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Yes, your symptoms could be from Blastocystis.

Search google for 'badbugs'. It is a website (which sells nothing) dedicated to this bug and another, both of which many people are suffering with. It is run by a women who had both for 8 or so years... There is information on the Medication you need to treat it.

It DOES NOT respond to Flagyl anymore. That is OLD science.

If anyone has so-called 'Irritable Bowel Syndrome' they should DEFINITELY be check for it. This bug can fully be the cause, (of course not the only one).

You absolutely must find a lab (not a hospital) and get checked with a
'3-Day Stool Test WITH Fixative' This is crucial. The bug dies quickly outside of the gut and so a fixative (preservative) is required to keep it until studied.

More research must be done, this bug is becoming more and more common....so is "IBS". While I don't believe that ALL cases of IBS are caused by Blasto, I do know that many, many are. It's worth getting checked to all who haven't. Take care.

I would also like to ask Dr_BS_MD what you know to be effective in treating Blasto?
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