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Skin disease that is spreading?

So I've had what I thought was balanitis on and off on my penis for years. But no fungal cream ever worked. The only cream that worked was Mupirocin 2% - fast forward today, I was masturbating and its always triggered by friction and this thing came back. However it seems like I was too late in the getting the cream this time because whatever infection is happening isn't going down. Here are my symptoms below...

- Inguinal groin swelling (non-hard)
- Skin texture changes to loose and sticky, almost sponge-like all over body (more specifically lower legs)
- Starting to get numbness on my butt, penis, and legs from it
- Lower back pain (have already confirmed my spine is perfect)

So I feel this has something to with a bacterial skin infection. I've already seen 3 urologists who all think this is skin related and not fungal related. I'm just at a loss and don't want to die from something like this. Please help.
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Hi, it doesn't sound infectious. Usually balanitis is due to poor hygiene in the area you are talking about. Maybe talk to a family practice doctor to get information on how to deal with hygiene and prevention. They can do a culture to see if you have any bacteria or fungi that are not supposed to be there, if they think it is infectious.
Okay will do. The numbness all over is what concerns me the most. I should mention I also have hashimotos disease, so not sure if this is autoimmune related or not.
I haven't seen that hashimoto's causes numbness. I would see a neurologist if you have numbness all over your body.
Kind regards
I am doing that currently and have an MRI of my cervical spine and brain this week. I'm just hoping they can figure out what's wrong since the numbness seems to be continuing to spread.
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look into scleroderma
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have you googled your symptoms?
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I have, but not really finding anything that matches. Why?
it is my best learning tool.  is the numbness in your extremities, feet or hands?  is numbness part of hashimotos?  do you have any sores or spots on your body?  bladder ok?  really smelly poop?  let me know.  i may have an answer if you say yes to any.
The numbness seems like it's pretty much everywhere at this point. Almost like it's in my skin though more than anything. The skin seems inflamed, flabby, and loose also. Its very strange. The doctor did mention that my muscle enzymes were low and that he thinks it's muscle related but he wasn't totally sure.

There's no sores or spots on my body either. And my bladder is fine right now. I am able to control my bowel movements.
I should mention I'm also getting chills from time to time. My skin just feels like mush and this has happened before (whenever my penis symptoms flare up) but the symptoms usually go away after I apply Mupirocin cream to it. This time it's not going away though for some reason.
why did they give you the mupirocin cream?  and where are you putting it?  i do not know why you would be prescribed this; do you know?

the only comment i can make that i have experienced...do not take any antibiotics before ruling out a fungal infection.  this will exasperate your symptoms and allow the fungus to grow wild.
i also suggest you get a magnifying app on your phone, with a good light and take close up pics of the flare up area.  there are things we cannot see with just eyes; this will open up a new world of possibilities for researching.  also, if you provide me with a google link, i would like to see a close up of your skin.  i could direct you on where to look on the net for it.

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