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recently 6 days back while travelling in two wheeler one dog tried to attack me. but i didn't feel any bite pain so after going home i checked my  leg there is a mark which disappeared in 15 minutes so for safe side i started vaccination of rabies on 3 rd day after the incident . now today iam having sorethroat and cold does it is caused by rabies and also will rabies vaccine work on 4th day after the exposure or it is too late please tell me
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It sounds like you just got the two dose vaccine? Your symptoms sound like side effects of the vaccine. Did the dog break the skin and did it bleed? If no blood you don't have any exposure.  Also. The shots last for a couple of years.
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Actually I didn't feel the dog bite at all ...i wore jeans pant tooo but there is a impression on skin ...and also I have completed only one dose of vaccine another 3 doses are there from tomorrow....my question I started my frst vaccination 3 days later the incident will the vaccine work in preventing the disease
Yes it will prevent rabies.  You have to do the full course of shots. But, if the bite or scratch didn't bleed you probably don't have a exposure.  Talk to the doctor about it.
Hai today I have completed third dose of the rabies vaccine...but I'm little bit paranoid because all the vaccines are kept in a box i.e fridge already filled with the vaccine...when I enter nurse took one syringe and she splitted out some vaccine which is in syringe before giving me...my question is If she splitted out some medicine will it effect dosage of the vaccine and make it inefficient?
You have a bit of a phobia.
Next time you get a needle explain to the nurse that you have a phobia and ask for help. For instance, if you had mentioned the phobia on Oct 17, then you could have asked if splitting the vaccine was improper. Perhaps she didn't even split the vax, and you just imagined it from your fear. The best time to get advice was when you saw the nurse.
Consider therapy if you can't get over this fear. It is possible that a therapist can help you live a happier life.
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