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Hi there, I was recently (2 weeks ago) on vacation in Florida and while walking to the car in the darkness of the night something envelo...
Yesterday, when I took my tool, I found that a stray dog was touching it. Just a few minutes later, when I was working, my hand was cut ...
Hello, I was under my apartment getting something when a stray cat suddenly scratched me vigorously. I went up to my house and immediatel...
I've been searching long and hard for about 4-5 years for the answers to my drastic decline in overall wellness. In November 2005 I was ...
We're here to help you with your infections and other infectious disease matters like bite wounds and any kind of issue such as boils, ...
ok my friend has a problem with her toe its been 4 months her toe is paining and the color of her toenail has changed to yellowish and wh...
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