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Mkh9 has ben such a tremendous part of MedHelp. Such wonderful help she has given. I really appreciate you and wish you all the best.
I initially experienced symptoms of belching and diarrhea. Following a gastroscopy, which showed no issues and no presence of Helicobacte...
Hi all, recently 6 days back while travelling in two wheeler one dog tried to attack me. but i didn't feel any bite pain so after goin...
Rabies vaccine? I want to ask the nurses. While taking the last dose of my rabies vaccine (4th dose), some liquid splashed around, maybe ...
Was I exposed to rabies?? Around 7-8 days ago, I was driving my scooter around a park where one can hear a lot of bats. I could hear that...
I've been trying to catch a racoon, and the critter was sneaky enough to grab some dead fruit from a cage trap I set up. I cleaned off th...
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