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I am absolutely terrified. I have had used sanitary napkins of 6 months dumped in my dustbin. I finally decided to throw it off. I was ...
Buenas mi última vacuna del paquete de 5 fue en noviembre del 2019 en junio un perro intentó morderme pero no alcanzó a romper la piel pa...
I was in the water of the Tenn. River system on Thursday.this is Monday and I have pus and clear liquid under skin. It feels like it is o...
So recently I made out with my bf, the day after however my throat feels like kind of sore, but not too sore. I was reading on google tha...
I have been having itching n discharge, I have treat myself bt it still comes back. why is it so
3 days Ago , My parents ate a cooked chicken that was bitten by Wild animal ( maybe a fox ) can they get rabies ? if they are suspicious ...
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