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Hi I did a HVS and the doctor found klebsiella pneumoniae, heavy growth after rounds of antibiotics. I started taking levofloxacin for se...
Its been a hectic past two months for me. Started off with a respiratory infection and an extremely sore throat. Then I has a folliculiti...
So I went to my doc in the same day I had my bat encounter it was grounded. My doc examined my feet (the parts that where exposed)for any...
around April 2016, i got scratched by a dog outside of an overnight rental. it was a friendly dog and wanted to play. the owner was there...
Hi I have recently diagnosed with Klebsiella pneumoniae in vaginal infection. I had a vaginal delivery 10 months back with a very bad tea...
hello, I currently live in a country where neurocysticercosis is endemic. I would like to know if there is any blood test that detects i...
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