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does a latent infection mean it’s not contagious?
Hi all, I just need advice and help on what to do next - I'm at my wit's end with things. So, I had a brief vaginal exposure back i...
I’m male, 25, 5’9” and 140 lbs. I went to a petting zoo in California last night. I was feeding the animals until a pig ran up and bit...
I need everybody's help on this. So I live in Indonesia, and me and my family butchered a goat. Now, my family bought the goat yesterday ...
Hello everyone. in July 2014, I had a protected anal sexual encounter with a woman. The condom did not break / fall off, etc. after the e...
It seem's my life is turning into a living hell with symptom's that nobody believe's yet I have proof of what is torturingme. First of a...
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