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Can You Get Rabies from Fruit?

I've been trying to catch a racoon, and the critter was sneaky enough to grab some dead fruit from a cage trap I set up. I cleaned off the cage and through the fruit away. As I was getting more fruit, it occurred to me that this thing could have rabies. I washed my hands, cut up an apple and drizzled it with maple syrup, and set it in the cage.

But I'm not entirely sure how infectious rabies is. I read that rabies doesn't last long outside the body and is considered harmless if the saliva is dry.

Is this event a risk for rabies? Or am I over thinking it?
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You can only get rabies from getting bit by an infected animal or very rarely, getting an infected animals saliva into an open cut or mucous membraine like getting saliva from an infected animal on your eyes nose or mouth  or open wound.  So you were not exposed.  Yes you are right you can't get it from dried saliva of an infected animal.
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I wanted to add that if you get bit by a wild animal the doctor would probably have to give you a rabies shot just in case. So feeding wild animals isn't a good idea.

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