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Open Injury Infection

My father met with an accident 10 days ago, he is diabetic.
Initial condition : left leg open injury below knee part having fracture , pelvis fracture , brain swelling.

A plastic surgery done for left leg (debridement) and external rods implanted with in first three days now they are saying as he is diabetic they are waiting for wound healing untill that they will not do surgery for pelvis and internal rods surgery for left leg.

Last 5 days fever is coming they are giving antibiotics, they don't know the reason for fever , some cultures report is also negative. Can some one suggest me what could be the reason for fever, is it a sign of infection and will there be any problem if we delay pelvis survey.
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Hi and so sorry your father was in an accident. We are not doctors on here but I am a microbiologist and can give you some advice. So, how high is the fever? If it is a high fever it could be related to an infection. If so they need to wait for the antibiotics to work before doing surgery. Did they do blood cultures? I don't know if there is any problem waiting for pelvis surgery. It would probably be more dangerous to do surgery if there is an infection. So it sounds like they are doing the right thing. They may also be waiting for him to stabilize and the brain swelling to go back down. I hope that things will be fine for him. It takes a little longer for a diabetic to heal but hopefully the antibiotics will work. Keep me posted on his progress.
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