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Could I be developing IBS?

I have been experiancing these syptoms for a long time, but now, as I am 23 years old and recently married just a year ago, I feel like these syptoms are getting worse. These are the symptoms I have:

-A mix of constipation and loose stools
-Abdominal cramping that feels better after a bowl movement or pass of gas
- *recently* few hours after I eat something it passes right through me, and sometimes I can see food bits in the loose stool
-Feeling like I havent quite finished after a bowl movement and yet nothing will come out (until maybe another hour or so)
-Loss of appetite
-General ill feeling and discomfort

If anyone could give me some advice as to what I may be dealing with, that would be great. I have told my doctor about these symptoms (except the *recent* one as I have been noticing this just this week) and he simply said to increase my dietary fibre. I have taken his advice, but I am still finding that I am having these symptoms, and they seem to be occuring on and off. I am looking to visit him again for a more thorough examination. The reason I am thinking this might be IBS is due to research I have been doing on the net, and also a friend of mine was diagnosed with IBS and I seem to mirror alot of his symptoms.

Any ideas?
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Yes it does sound like it could be IBS.  I would recommend talking to a gastroenterologist to get their opinion on this.
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I have been an IBS sufferer for quite a few years now.  Based on the symptoms you have listed it does sound like IBS to me.  There was multiple times that I went to the doctor that I was told to just increase my dietery fiber intake.  I did increase my dietery fiber intake and it provided little or no relief.  IBS had taken over my life until I was finally prescribed Levsin.  It has been a life saver for me.  I would recommend seeing a gasteroenterologist and if you don't get any answers see another doctor.  
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Thats textbook IBS right there. I wouldnt inrease your fiber, just eat whatever you want (nothing too crazy though) no matter what you eat its gonna mess with you really. The main thing to do is just relax even though it may seem hard at times. I agree Levsin is helpful I took it once but I did notice it doesnt last. I would recommend Donotal (bella donna). It is just like Levsin but it is stronger, lasts longer and does more than one thing so it really helps. You will feel pretty strange the first couple days it is very strong but after that it will be a tremendous help. Keep in mind medicines dont last forever so while you take that try to find a real world solution.
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