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Gas in back for almost a week.

First off, I have a bad diet and its probably catching up with me. That said, I have a slight pain in my bad whenever swallow food or liquid.  I tried gas ex, laxatives,  because I was constipated for a few weeks,  but still nothing.

Any ideas what this is?
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So, are you sure it's gas in the back?  Are you speaking of above or around your hip bone?  Sure it's not your kidney?  Or do you mean you just have gas as in tooting rather than belching?  LOL  I'm just trying to understand.  So, the obvious thing to begin doing is to start cleaning up that diet.  That's a no brainer.  My son has had all sorts of digestive issues and he has found two things really help. First, he is taking probiotics.  He actually drinks a little dannon brand smoothie each morning that is probiotic.  Tastes good. But they also make yogurt with it and straight supplement pills.  The second thing he does is drinks grape juice every day recommended to him by the emergency room when he wound up there due to his digestive tract moving slowly.  
But this is different than if you have back pain, so if you could clarify that.  
Well the whenever I swallow food or liquids, theres a sudden, faint pain in the upper part of my back, not my shoulder blades. I thought it gallstones but i don't have abdominal pain or nausea.  Tmi, but I'm still able to pass gas and belch. Again just not entirely sure what the pain in my back is related to.

Thank you for your response by the way.
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Oh, okay.  That sounds like gerd to me.  Any chance you could have gastric reflux?
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