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stomach pain

I am a 25 yr old female and I have almost constant stomach discomfort which makes me have to pass gas because its the only way to get any relief.  Its bad all the time but even worse at night when I'm lying down. I've tried eating yogurt every day and taking Metamucil, I've also tried gas-x and all that but it hasn't done a thing.  I'm so tired of dealing with this and so wondered if anybody could help me.  I've been emotionally stressed could that be causing it or is it some kind of allergy or IBS?  It's been bothering me for several years but gotten progressively worse. Any suggestions?
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This may be totally off the mark, but I had your same symptoms for ages...terrible stomach aches. I finally went to a holisitic practitioner who suggested I am lactose intolerant...not good news as I LOVE cheese. I cut cheese and dairy out of my diet and sure enough things improved. Now I have discovered I can do small amounts of dairy  (half and half in my coffee, etc,) but chunks of cheese send my stomach into distress again. Also remember the amount of good bacteria you get in a small portion of yogurt may not be enough to offset the problem. Have you tried probiotics? They are available everywhere now and give you a good dose of the bacteria and enzymes you need for digestion. Good Luck!
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Thanks yeah that could be the problem I hope not cause I like cheese too but I'm going to change my diet and see if it helps...thanks for the ideas!
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I feel your pain.  I've had digestive issues since I was 17.  I'm 33 now.  

This is one suggestion I want you to try to just see how you feel.  STOP drinking and eating all dairy products. I developed a dairy allergy when I was 17, so I know the feeling.  Dairy products for some reason produce a lot of gas and bloat. Eliminate Dairy for 1 week and write down how you feel each day.  
If you are concerned about getting your daily healthy bacteria from yogurt, there are many other ways to get it.  Take a Probiotic like Culturelle or Pearls.
I doubt it's stress, There is a 50/50 chance that you've developed an allergy to dairy or maybe something else you eat.  Write it all down.
If it doesn't improve, see a Gastroentrologist.  You deserve to live without worrying about these issues and you can and will get to the bottom of the probelm if you're persistant.  
Best of Luck to you!!! I'd love to know how you feel after eliminating dairy.  Keep in touch if you'd like.  Luck & Luv to you.  G'Nite
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Thank you so much for commenting...I'm glad to know there's others that have had this problem and solved it.  I'm definitely going to try cutting out the dairy but I might wait till after the holidays to get serious about it since it might be easier to control what I eat then.  I really really hope that is the answer. I will try to let you know how it goes-I really appreciate your help!!Thanks again.
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