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I need answers

I am a 31 year old single mother of three. I have been going thru Chronic Kidney Stone Disease for the last 2.5 years I have had tubes with urine bags put in my back and I have had 20+ shock waves treatments (lythotripies) and stents in both kidneys and still no answaers i produce  extra protine and calcium phosphate and now have blood in bowl movments my right side lower abdomin is in constant pain, off and on pain in back and sides, blood in urine, headaches, sleepless nights yet very tired, very dry skin, now body is going into shock everytime i come out of surgery the last three times. Any RARE disease that have recurring kidney stones along with all my other symtoms?  ANY type of cancers or life threating disease PLEASE HELP doctors are doing as much as they know but it is not solving any thing and I am tired of being in hospitals every week???? I apologize about my spelling
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Poor you --pls keep asking questions !! the body is such a strange machine..I have had crohns for 17 years and just been diagnosed with kidney problems, so awaiting futher tests and been referred to speaclist, I am worried and suffer with stress anyway so i,m really pulling my hair out . I hope you get answers soon and soon be on the mend !!
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