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Kidney Stones, GI or Gallstones? Any Ideas

4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with kidney stones in the er, after a ct scan of my stomach.

next day noticed pain across my shoulders, and some muscle weakness, esp. on right side.

since then I believe I have passed the kidney stones.

but still having a dull pain in lower left abdomin sometimes radiating to the right side, 1-2 out of 10 on pain threshold. and pain in my right shoulder sometimes radiating to the left shoulder, new symptom,
muscle twitches on both sides lower stomach.

Went thru a spell where I was having yellow stool and yellow diarrhea.

Everything I have read about gallstones, says you should have pain in your upper right stomach near ribs, if you have gallstones.

recently had check for hiv, hep b/c, liver function, stomach palpatation.

Now I have to wait 5 weeks before seeing a gastro dr.

Does anyone have any ideas.

God bless, andreax
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Hi, this could be due to colitis i.e. inflammation of large intestine, liver disorder, cholecystitis etc. Please get ultrasound done to rule out gall stones and pancreatitis. Also blood tests for hepatitis and pancreatitis should be undertaken.

Try ciprofloxacin with metronidazole for colitis. Stool examination can rule out intestinal infection.
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