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Kidney Stones & Lithotripsy

On 7/28 was found to have 11 stones, one is 8 mm and the others 4-7 mm.  I've had one lithotripsy without success and am scheduled for another on 9/5.  How many are safe to have?  I still have my stent in from 7/28 and am tired of the constant urge to go to the bathroom and hope it can come out soon.  Are stents safe to keep in?  My next procedure if the lithotripsy doesn't work is to have a ureteoscopy.  How long can I expect this process to go on?  I just want to get on with my life.
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i totally hear ya how did it go?  i have just had a lithotripsy and it didnt take i dont think as i am in severe pain a month later ....
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