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Kidney stone questions

Hello I am brand new to this forum, I am doing this through my phone so please forgive any typos.

I was doing a search on the internet for kidney stone pain and some threads came up from this site, I hope I am posting in the right spot.

I am male 40 years old, this morning I woke up with a incredibly painful pressure pain in my lower back, the pressure and pain only increased as time went by. I started feeling sick to my stomach and sweeting.

Wife had to take me to the E.R. they did a urine test that showed blood and a cat scan that shows a 5.7 mm kidney stone on my left side. I forget what it's called but the stone is in the tube between the kidney and bladder almost halfway to the bladder the Dr said.

The er Dr said anything under 6mm will pass on their own, is this true? He gave me some pain meds and some tamsulosin.

I have never had one of these before, can someone please tell me how bad this is going to hurt when it finally comes out? Are there any warning signs before it comes out? How long does it normally take?

I am supposed to drink lots of water and pee through a strainer.

Any information would be really helpful, thanks.
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Ureter is the tube between your kidney and bladder.

Yes the stone might pass down when you urinate however it might be very painful when you pass the stone.

I recommend an alternative such as ESWL that can destroy the stone without needing surgery
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