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Kidney stone treatment question

I was diagnosed with kidney stones at age 33 (I'm not 35) and had 16 stones over 3mm in both kidneys.  After ending up in the ER thinking I was dying, I was sent home with a diagnosis of prostatitis (looking back I had tell-tale kidney stone symptoms!).  Imagine an ER doc telling you he has to check your prostate when you are in excruciating kidney stone pain!  I ended up passing 2 stones within a week and have done many tests since then with no real answers or solutions other than "drink more water."  I have passed 5 stones over the past 2 years and ended up in the ER again last week.  CT showed a 6mm stone in the ureter and I had emergent cystoscopy with laser and basket removal of the stone.  I also had a JJ stent placed for 8 days that ended up being horrible.  I felt completely back to normal after the urologist removed it.  
I still have 10 stones between 4-8mm split between both kidneys.  He now wants to do lithotripsy to break up the larger stones.  It seems there is controversy about long-term effects of lithotripsy & I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions or insight.  Thanks very much for your comments.
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I am a chronic stone maker and made 50 between nov. 09 and Jan. 09. I hav had over 200 kidney stone related surgeries, everyone ever used! lol I have had many lithotripsys and the are by far the most effective and least painful of any surgery or procedure. I do not tolerate stents so my urologist never leaves one now. The first 2 stents after litho were unbearable and would never ever let them leave a stent in one of my kidneys. Some doctors will allow you to refuse the stent and believe me you come out better not having one. Litho will break your stones up so they can pass small and not get hung up in the ureter and need painful invasive surgery. I have had probably 150 litho's since 1991 and no adverse effects of any kind. If I could just stop making stones I would have it made.
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