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Kidney stones or parasites?

I've had bad re-occuring pains in my left side.  I had an ultrasound, catscan and x-ray done.  Also blood test and urine tests. The doctors say it may be kidney stones that they can't see, or it may be a stone that passed which caused swelling of the kidney and the ureter.  Someone told me that the swelling may be caused by "parasites" ... Is this true?  Please help.
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I was in two different ERs trying to figure out my situation, which sounds very similar to yours.  I have lower back deep inside pain when I breath in and out.  I had CT Scans, blood work, urine tests, ultra sounds and nobody can tell me what the problem is.  Everyone thought I had a kidney stone but nothing shows up.  I have a hard time laying down becuase it causes pain deep inside on the lower right back.  I too am now looking into a possible parasite I digested when I was in Mexico a week ago.  I am wondering if this sounds similar to yours.
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To consider parasites, it is important to consider your past medical history.

Is there any previous history of travel?

Any exposure to someone with parasitic infections?

Any rash, fever,vomiting,cough and other associated symptoms?

At this point, urinary tract stones appear to be the primary differential. A complete blood count may be able to help determine if a parasitic infection may be present.Increased eosinophilic count may suggest the presence of parasites.
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