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Kidney stones side effects

I had a kidney stone one year ago.  It was my first and it was very painful indeed.  I am beginning to have the same symptoms I had last time (sore lower back and tender testicles).  The difference this time is that I have had a problem with erections ever since my kidney stone symptoms started.  Since my groin has been sore the last 5 days (also same time period my problem with full erections have started), is it possible that this is the reason for my lack of labido?
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Hi, kidney stone pain and discomfort leads to significant mental stress causing dip in libido. Although stones are not directly related with loss of erections but indirectly mental anguish and depression leads to loss of libido which is a temporary phase.

Try anti inflammatory drugs like diclofenac, ibuprofen for pain and take plenty of fluids.Do consult doctor if symptoms persists.
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